The Utah Cabin Murders (2019) Movie Review

The Utah Cabin Murders – ABC Film Challenge – Horror – U – The Utah Cabin Murders – Movie Review

The Utah Cabin Murders

Director: Andrew Jones

Writer: Andrew Jones (Screenplay)


  • Derek Nelson
  • Lee McQueen
  • Tiffany Ceri
  • Erick Hayden
  • Jennifer Sims

Plot: Two sisters fight for survival when masked intruders invade their vacation cabin.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Utah Cabin Murders starts when escaped convicts Edward Deli (Nelson) and Von Taylor (McQueen) put together their escape. They find a cabin, Anderson’s cabin. The Anderson family Richard (Hayden), Linnea (Ceri), Tina (Sims), Patricia (Ruben) and Delyth (Aley-Parker) have come together for the holidays.

Edward and Von invade the cabin, killing members of the family, and leaving the youngest members to be their hostages for their escape.

Verdict on The Utah Cabin Murders

The Utah Cabin Murders is a horror based on real events. This makes the movie a lot more difficult to watch, because we know a lot of this happened. We know the victims who went through this, and a movie isn’t the best way to remember the horrific experiences they went through.

This falls into the tasteless movie making, which is disappointing to see. The pace of the movie is slow too, even putting too much time on the police instead of the incident. When you add in the performances, they don’t inspire to make this more interesting either.

Final ThoughtsThe Utah Cabin Murders is a tasteless excuse for a film.

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