The Unsettling (2022) Movie Review


The Unsettling – Movie Review

Director: Harry Owens

Writer: Harry Owens (Screenplay)


Plot: A foreign couple’s visit is disturbed by the house they rent.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Unsettling starts when Abena (Idoko) and Kwame (Bamba) move into a new home to start a fresh life. they are moving away from their own trauma, as Abena is still haunted by the events. As they start to get comfortable in the new home, Abena starts to believe they are not alone in the home.

Kwame continues to push forward with a new life, however, Abena doesn’t want to forget her past. Abena continues to feel a lingering presence around her and is willing to try anything to solve the problem.

Verdict on The Unsettling

The Unsettling is a mystery horror following a couple starting a fresh life after a tragedy. It sees them trying to get used to their new life, only the tragedy still haunts one of them whether she goes.

This is a slow-moving horror, showing the effects that tragedy can have on someone. However, the build-up is plenty of uncertainty, it doesn’t deliver enough by the end of the movie. Trying to capture the magic ‘His House’ had with somebody new moving into a home. This ends up feeling like too much is rushed and not enough is delivered in the larger horror aspects. In the end, it feels like we could have had one more big sequence, instead of rushing the final outcome.

Final Thoughts The Unsettling is a horror that lacks the disturbing outcome it could have.

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