The Twin (2022) Movie Review ‘Dread Filled Horror’

The Twin – Dread Filled Horror


Director: Taneli Mustonen

Writer: Aleksi Hyvarinen, Taneli Mustonen (Screenplay)

Starring: Teresa Palmer, Steven Cree, Barbara Marten, Tristan Ruggeri

Plot: A mother who needs to confront the unbearable truth about her surviving twin son.

Runtime: 1 Hour 49 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Twin starts as Rachel (Palmer) and Anthony (Cree) look to move on with their lives after one of their twin sons Nate is killed in an accident, leaving Elliot (Ruggeri) to deal with the grief too. As Rachel starts seeing the strange behaviour from her Elliot, she starts investigating more about what might have happened.

As Rachel starts to find people acting strange around her, she starts to learn the truth about what happened to her sons, and how much her life has changed because of it.

Thoughts on The Twin

Characters & Performances – Rachel is a grieving mother that must remain strong for her son, she is finding the connection strange, as she starts hearing noises of her lost son around the home, starting to wonder if there could be a connection, while the locals won’t let her look into this truth. Anthony is the husband that has been supporting Rachel through the troubles, filled with grief too, he has looked to start a fresh with his writing once more. Elliot is the surviving son of the pairs, he is starting to feel like he wants to be connected to the twin, keeping attached to his mother more than his father. We have three core performances, with Teresa Palmer giving us a great grieving mother performance, Tristan Ruggeri being the creepy child, with one series of events about looking in the mirror, where he will truly shine.

StoryThe story here will follow the grieving family trying to start a fresh after losing one of their twins, only to find themselves coming under a series of uncomfortable visits from an unknown member of the family. This is a story that will check off all the boxes when it comes to dealing with a creepy dread filled environment, tackle grief in a different want than many movies before it. The story will keep you wondering as to what the bigger picture will become, leaving you feeling surprised with the outcome we get.

ThemesThe Twin is a horror thriller that will see a family in a new home finding things not going to plan, as they look to get caught up in the middle of a bigger problem, which could go into many different directions within the horror genre. The location does become key to everything that is happening within the film too.

Final Thoughts The Twin is a horror thriller, filed with dread about the truth.

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