The Tortured Soul (2022) Short Movie Review ‘Brimming Thriller’

The Tortured Soul – Brimming Thriller


Director: Andrew de Burgh

Writer: Andrew de Burgh (Screenplay)

Starring: Bianca Stam, Nicholas Sidley

Plot: A young woman confronts the serial killer that murdered her husband.

Runtime: 9 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Tortured Soul starts as Tamara Nolan (Stam) sits facing a man covered in a bloodied bag, before she reveals the story to why we are in this position. She has hunted down this man, a serial killer, waiting to face them for taking her loved one, changing her life forever.

Thoughts on The Tortured Soul

ThoughtsThe Tortured Soul brings us what feels like is becoming a trademark for director Andrew de Burgh, putting us into a discussion, where somebody is suffering from an emotional change in their lives, that this conversation will see things change, without needing to rely on any sort of action sequence. Bianca Stam does keep her delivery calm, prepared and determined, with a sense of relief coming through each word and finally getting to unload her characters grief on the killer. The way I like to look at shorts, has always been whether the story could be expanded and with this story, we have certain lines that imply we could go a lot deeper into the hunt for the killer. This is another excellent entry into the filmography of Andrew de Burgh, where he will continue to bring his unique idea on how to keep the story simple, but compelling.

Final Thoughts The Tortured Soul is a compelling vision of revenge.

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