The Stranger (2022) Movie Review

The Stranger – Movie Review


Director: Thomas M Wright

Writer: Thomas M Wright (Screenplay)


  • Joel Edgerton (The Gift)
  • Sean Harris (Possum)
  • Ewen Leslie
  • Jada Alberts
  • Matthew Sunderland

Plot: Two men who meet on a plane and strike up a conversation that turns into friendship. For Henry Teague, worn down by a lifetime of physical labour and crime, this is a dream come true.

Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Stranger starts as Henry Teague (Harris) meets a stranger Paul (Mouzakis) that offers him a chance at a job. This job sees Henry working with Mark (Edgerton) on a basic criminal-dropping job. Meanwhile, Detective Rylett (Alberts) and her team are working on an investigation into Henry.

As the story unfolds, Henry is revealed to be the prime suspect in criminal case and Mark has been assigned to get close to him. Is Henry as dangerous as they believe or is he just a target to close a case.

Verdict on The Stranger


Henry Teague is a prime suspect in a murder case, his alibi has got him out of any charges though. He has met a stranger who offers him a chance to get back on his feet working in a criminal organisation. Henry comes off as very shady and there is plenty of doubt about whether he has committed the crime.

Mark is a connection in the crime world for Henry, only he is in fact an undercover officer trying to get close to Henry. He has been creating jobs with a team to catch Henry red-handed and to make sure he doesn’t disappear again. At home, Mark has his own problems, as he continues to try and build his relationship with his son.

Detective Rylett has been leading the investigation back in Queensland. She has put everything into catching the person behind the crime and believes Henry is the man she is hunting down.


Sean Harris is incredible as a criminal with a dark past. He keeps his character feeling like nothing has ever happened while making us feel like he could have done everything he is accused of. Joel Edgerton brings the conflict his character is going through to the role, showing how difficult his life has become in this case.


The story follows an unlikely connection between a criminal and an undercover police officer conducting an operation. It creates a friendship for the criminal, as he starts to build a friendship with Mark. With this going on, we get to see the investigation Henry is accused of committing.

This is an intense story that shows the dedication required to catch a criminal. It takes us through the operation, with time jumps that come together as the story reveals different moments. This does feel like it created a real-life recreation of a real crime operation. The way everything is delivered feels very disturbing and unsettling through every scene with Henry involved.


The Stranger is a crime thriller showing a disturbing story about a criminal investigation into a potential criminal on the run. It shows how far police officers would go to get the truth while teasing the introduction into a criminal world for the suspect. The film shows the pure size of Australia and how easily somebody could move into the shadows after committing a horrific crime.

Where to Watch: The Stranger is available on Netflix

Final Thoughts The Stranger is a very unsettling and disturbing thriller.

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