The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands (2018) Movie Review

Director: Robert Lence, Aleksey Tsitsilin

Writer: Robert Lence, Aleksey Tsitsilin, Vladimir Nikolaev, Aleksey Zamyslov, Andrey Korenkov (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Laurie Hymes, Samia Mounts, Marc Thompson, Devin Bailey Griffin

Plot: After a powerful king traps all the world’s magicians in the Mirrorlands, Gerda battles to keep magic alive through kindness and friendship.

Tagline – All Gerda’s friends and even old enemy gather their efforts to protect magic world.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Fun Family Film

Story: The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands starts as we meet Gerda a young woman who sees her whole family having magic abilities, only she has none, they are all kind magicians using their abilities fo the better of the people of the town. The King Harald wants to eliminate the magicians from his world, sending them to the Mirrorlands, where he has already exiled the Snow Queen.

Greda must go on her own adventure to free the magicians from the Mirrorlands including her family and stop the evil plan of the King.

Thoughts on The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands

Characters – Gerda is the youngest member of a magic family, only she doesn’t know her abilities yet, she helps in the small family shop, is kind to the residents of the city, she must find a way to rescue her family and friends after they are taken to a hidden realm, she travels the land to first learn her abilities and secondly save the locals from the evil king. King Harald is the evil ruler that wants to eliminate magic from his world, turning to scientist for the improvements in his life and his kingdom, imprisoning anyone who has magic abilities. The Snow Queen is considered evil to the kingdom, trapped in isolation in the Mirrorlands, she freezes other people who are sent there, only she isn’t the evil most people believe, she is also a victim of the King. We do meet the other characters that are trying to help Greda on her adventure to save the people that have become trapped in the Mirrorlands.

StoryThe story here follows Gerda, a young woman who is still waiting for her magical powers to be revealed, who needs to travel the land to save her family and friends from the king that wants to eliminate magic from the world. This is a story that focuses on needing to learn about your own importance to the world, with Gerda needing to wait for her powers to come out, while her good-nature will make her positive impact on everyone around her. This is part of a series, which might have references to previous films, which unfortunately I can’t tell you how important the last two were. It does have the clear message of seeing the world through other people’s eyes before judging them and accepting people are different in life.

ComedyThe comedy in the film does work well, with most being slapstick level, with how certain characters will always find themselves in situation they make mistakes in.

SettingsThe film does create a beautiful kingdom for the events to happen through, we see just how they different locations are crucial for the next chapter of the adventure.

AnimationThe animation through the film does look great, right up there with the best companies in the business today.

Scene of the Movie – Anders book.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Not knowing if the previous films have plot points I would need to know about.

Final Thoughts This is a fun animated movie that could be enjoyed by the family, it has a nice runtime for the younger audience to enjoy too.

Overall: Enjoyable.

Signature Entertainment presents Snow Queen: Mirrorlands in Cinemas nationwide July 10th

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