The Simpsons Challenge – Season 3 – Episode 4 – Bart the Murderer

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 4 – Bart the Murderer

Couch Gag – This time we get a human pyramid with Maggie on top.

Plot SynopsisBart stumbles upon the local mafia boss, and starts working for him on the side. When Principal Skinner goes missing after punishing Bart, he and Fat Tony’s gang are suspected of killing him, but they try to get Bart to take the rap.

What is going on reallyWhen Bart is looking forward to going to school for once, his homework is done and he is going on a field trip but this all goes wrong when Santa’s Little Helper eats homework and he misses the bus walking in the rain and having a bad day missing the trip to the chocolate factory.

The day gets worse when Bart ends up crashing his skateboard outside Fat Tony’s gentlemen’s club and dragged into work for them as a bar tender.

When Bart gets kept after school one day Fat Tony looks to take care of Principal Skinner who goes missing prompting a city-wide search for him. Bart believes Fat Tony has had a hand in what could be the murdered him but with no evidence Bart is left with only nightmares about what could happen to him.

Star Character

Bart Simpson

Final ThoughtsThis is a fun episode that shows that Bart will most likely end up in a life of crime, he can handle himself around them but most importantly he can get out of it just as easily.

Rating 3.5/5

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