The Simpsons Challenge – Season 1 – Episode 3 Homer’s Odyssey

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Season 1

Episode 3 Homer’s Odyssey

Coach Gag – In the 2nd ever couch gag we get have the couch collapse when they all sit together on it, not the best but they are building up the idea.

Plot SynopsisWhile Bart’s class is touring the power plant on a field trip, Homer crashes a cart into a radioactive pipe. In the aftermath, the plant is forced to shut down and Homer loses his job.

What is going on reallyBart’s class is going on a field trip and we meet partier Otto the bus driver who for the second out of three episodes suggests Bart wants a tattoo. The trip is to the nuclear power plant where the class learn all about nuclear energy.

Trying to impress Bart Homer goes on a cruise around the plant crashing his vehicle and getting himself fired. In this episode, we get the first prank phone call to Moe by Bart with the I P Freely being called out at the Tavern.

With Marge returning to work Homer struggles to leave the house or to find money for beer resorting to the ultimate sin of stealing from Bart before leaving him family in what is a planned suicide attempt. Saving his family from a near death experience Homer sets out on trying to improve the safety in Springfield by pushing the town into putting signs up all over town.

His final mission is to take on his former boss as the Nuclear Power Plant about how unsafe it is having it in the town before Mr Burns giving him a job opportunity as the new safety inspector going against everything he has been fighting for.

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Final ThoughtsThis episode does lack the heart the first couple did because we all know Homer isn’t going to become truly unemployed by the end of the episode. It does go into suicidal talk but never really deals with the situation. I feel this episode shows how the show can wrap up a story easily by trying to build the characters within the Simpson household.

Rating 3/5

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