The Resident (2011)

Director: Antti Jokinen

Writer: Antti Jokinen, Robert Orr

Starring: Hillary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lee Pace, Christopher Lee, Aunjanue Ellis, Sean Rosales

Story When recently divorced surgeon Juliet (Swank) finds her dream apartment. The apartment is owned by Max (Morgan) and his sick grandfather August (Lee). As the first few days go by sparks seem to start between Juliet and Max, but just as things look like they are going well after a romantic dinner things take a turn. We flash back only to find out that Max is secretly obsessed with Juliet arranging chances meetings and for her to move into the apartment.

How far will this obsession go? Will Juliet figure it before its too late?

Verdict This psychological thriller has an edge of tension from the moment you learn about Max. The build up in suspense shines through over the horror. The final chase through the dry walls is really edge of your seat stuff, thinking Juliet has escaped just as Max finds a way to stop her. If you like a good psychological thriller this is one to give a watch should be enjoyed.

Story Mark 7/10 Simple to follow great suspense

Horror Mark 9/10 Suspense horror throughout

Star Performances Max – Jeffrey Dean Morgan as obsessed landlord great performance.

Best Part Suspense is great

Worst Part The support characters are a bit unused

My Rating  73%

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