The Perfect Host (2010)

Director: Nick Tomnay

Writer: Nick Tomnay

Starring: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker


Story John (Crawford) has just been involved in crime, injured he looks for somewhere to rest up before meeting his criminal partner. John finds a house and pretends to be a friend on someone who sent a post card to Warwick (Hyde Pierce). Warwick is going to be having a dinner party but John has other plans until things take a twist.


Warwick drugs John leading to him being part of the party and John can’t see any of the guest as the party plays out in Warwick mind. Warwick has a plan for John a twisted one at that. What does Warwick have up his sleeve for his captive? This thriller will keep you guess right to the end.


Verdict This stylish thriller looks like a run of the mill serial killer like movie, but it’s not the twist are fantastic and unexpected. Both leads give solid performances one looking back on his life wondering what has gone wrong to leave him there while the other just plain out of his mind party host. The flashbacks for John add a lot of effect to the captive position he finds himself in and helps him figure things out. Having the situation you have to decide which one is in the good and which is the villain, which is always good rather than being spoon feed the choice. This almost under the radar thriller is a must watch for all.

Story Mark 9/10 Solid story that twists add to, to make great

Star Performances John and Warwick both solid and faultless

Favourite Character Warwick perfect level of crazy without being insane

Best Part The twists unfolding as the story goes on

Worst Part I pick this being a Fraser fan, it feels like Niles has finally snapped

Best Quote Warwick‘[threatened at knifepoint] ‘You can’t kill me, I’m having a dinner party’.

Similar Too – The Ghost Writer

My Rating 86%

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