The Peacemaker (1997)

logoDirector: Mimi Leder

Writer: Michael Schiffer (Screenplay) Leslie Cockburn, Andrew Cockburn (Article)

Starring: George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Marcel Iures, Aleksander Baluev Rene Medvesek, Gary Werntz, Randall Batinkoff, Jim Haynie, Holt McCallany


Story: After a Russian nuclear weapon is stolen in an elaborate train heist it is covered up to look like an accident.  Rookie White House nuclear expert Doctor Julia Kelly (Kidman) heads a task force to find out who is responsible and enlist the help of Special Operations Intelligence Officer Colonel Thomas Devoe (Clooney). They must join forces to locate the nuclear warhead before it reaches the hands of the terrorist. If they can’t get to it they could start a new war with Russia, with the action and politics running high only time will tell.


Verdict:  An edge of the seat thrill ride.

Story: The story is one of how America saves the day from an eastern European threat. It is a story that has been told plenty of times but this one has one key point showing how much politics will be involved without taking away any of the action, think early days trial run for 24. I will say the story is brave and entertaining. (9/10)

Actor Review: George Clooney – Smart charismatic military man, how this role showed how he could carry a film, he shines from the first moment he is seen the last minute of the film. It would be fair to say this is one film that help Clooney make a real name for himself and an immediate bounce back after Batman & Robin. Star Performance Award, Favourite Character Award (9/10)


Actor Review: Nicole Kidman – A tough leading lady who has everyone working for her, she has to make the hard decisions through the film which could have dire consequences. Strong Performance showing a key level of normality to the character that could have been very glossy. (9/10)


Actor Review: Marcel Iures – A good if not generic villain that has deep motives, always seems to be one step ahead to his pursuers. Creates a character that doesn’t stick out in the crowd. Does have strong motives which have always been a threat to the USA. (8/10)


Director Review: Mimi Leder – Does a good job with the big name actors proving she does know how to mix action thriller genres. (9/10)


Action: Good action sequences with a mix of car chases, helicopter fights and gun battles. (9/10)

Thriller: With a threat as serious as nuclear weapons this has everything you need for edge of your seat thrills. (9/10)

Suggestion: This film will appeal to all the Americans who like watching their boys save the day. It will appeal to all the action fans as it involves enough action to keep the story level without going to over the top. It is not original but it is entertaining, so sit back and enjoy. (Sit Back & Enjoy)


Best Part: Car chase around Vienna.

Favourite Quote: Thomas ‘I’m not gonna shoot you unless I have to. And it I have to I’ll feel really bad about it. Now sit down!’

Similar Too: 24


Overall: A brilliant action thriller

Rating 84%

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