The Other Side of Things (2022) Movie Review

The Other Side of Things – Powerful Touching Drama

The Other Side of Things Poster

Director: Guillermo Ivan

Writer: Zair Montes (Screenplay)

Cast: Jake Krihkori, Zair Montes, Guillermo Ivan, John Austin Wiggins, Carlos Moreno Jr

Plot: The Other Side of Things follows a single Latina mom, who, after being evicted and forced to live in her car with her 7-year-old son Andrew. Willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil his dream of getting on a jet and becoming a pilot — even if that means turning her own car into a “jet.”

Runtime: 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Other Side of Things starts as we see Patricia (Montes) drop young Andrew (Krihkori) off for school. Leaving him the promise that he can see the jets she works around. Patricia will see this new job taken away from her, by her ruthless boss Mr Moore (Wiggins).

Not wanting to let her son down, Patricia turns their car into a jet. The same car they are currently living out off. She proves she will do anything to help her son. Something a kind stranger will take notice of, to help her find her feet.

Thoughts on The Other Side of Things

Characters & Performances

Patricia is the single mother, struggling with work, chasing the American dream. She lives out her car with her son, loses her latest job unfairly. Willing to do anything to make sure her son sees a jet, she turns her car into on. Looking to giving him some hope that things will work out. Like any parent, she would do anything to keep him safe and happy.

Andrew is the son, he dreams of being able to go on a jet. He just loves planes, having complete faith in his mother. Andrew is guarding from the reality by his mother, the best she can.

Mr Moore is the ruthless boss, one that doesn’t want to hear stories. He doesn’t give Patricia a chance in her role, only caring about himself. Maurizio is a pilot that sees Patricia’s struggles, looking to help her out. He shows that with a small bit of kindness, you could change someone’s world.

The performances in the film are wonderful. Zair Montes showing the strength on front of her son, while the vulnerable side away from him. She takes this role and makes it shine. Guillermo Ivan gets to make the impact, once we meet his character and the supporting cast are great too.


The story here will show an immigrant single mother trying to make a life for her son in America. We see the struggle she must overcome. The disappointment she will go through and the determination to make her son happy.

Channelling the parental bond ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ did. We see how hard a parent will work, when the world around them is against them. This story will focus on the idea that people can be given a chance to prove themselves. People will need to let them have that chance to see the best results.

Final ThoughtsThe Other Side of Things is a touching drama proving a parent will do everything to make their children happy.

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