The Open House (2018) Video Review

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  1. I usually don’t watch movies. This week end I decided to spend time with my better half and aggreed to do some movietime. Run in to The Open House featured on Netflix. Due to Netflixs reputation, we decided to watch it. This movie just confirmed why I just stopped watching movies and why I stopped paying for Netflix also. A complete waste of my time… A full hour and a half… We were so upset at the movie that our night just got ruined… I should’ve followed my gut and go to the office and spend that hour on something productive that could’ve paid my next vacation.

    Moral of the story. Don’t waste your time on movies and/or on monthly subscriptions with companies such as Netflix. Go and hustle hard, make millions, go on a world tour, help the needy… Fuck it, I’m so upset, I’ll even get rid of my televisions, that way I will not ve tempted to even watch any of this waste of time crap!!!

    Fyi, I’m not by any means saying that all movies are bad. Just saying that wether good or bad, it takes away valuable time from you to do something Big, huge and unbelievable!

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