The Night of the 12th (2022) Movie Review


The Night of the 12th – Movie Review

Director: Dominik Moll

Writer: Gilles Marchand, Dominik Moll (Screenplay)

Writer: Pauline Guena (Book)


Plot: It is said that every investigator has a crime that haunts them, a case that hurts him more than the others, without him necessarily knowing why. For Yohan that case is the murder of Clara.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Night of the 12th starts when detective Yohan Vives (Bouillon) and his partner Marceau (Lanners) get a new case. the murder of a young woman named Clara in a horrific manner. Yohan finds himself struggling with the case and the manner of the murder.

However, from the pure evidence side of things, he is still exceptional. It is the human interactions and understanding of the motivation for such a horrific murder. Meanwhile, Marceau is determined to find answers putting his own career on the line for them.

Verdict on The Night of the 12th

The Night of the 12th is a crime thriller that follows two detectives that are desperate to find the answer behind a horrific murder. It sees them both pushed to their limits as they aren’t used to dealing with cases this disturbing.

This movie does end up falling into the series of movies involving dark crime. It shows the investigation to learn the truth and the limits it will push the investigating officers. A truly dark crime that simply must be answered before they can move on. The performances show how much it took out of the officers investigating.

Where to Watch: The Night of the 12th is released exclusively in cinemas on 31st March 2023

Final ThoughtsThe Night of the 12th is a dark disturbing crime movie.

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