The Monk and Samurai (2022) Short Movie Review


The Monk and Samurai – Movie Review

Director: Troy Sandford

Plot: As our Story is an adaptive folk tale brought to life through a poetic fable, we took a filmic approach to represent it visually to the world

Runtime: 10 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on The Monk and Samurai

The Monk and Samurai is a short movie that brings a poem short tale to life in animated form. It shows the life of a samurai who rose through conflict and gets confronted by a monk about his actions. This is told in a wonderfully told story, diving into folk tale history’s fables.

The animation involved is unique, bringing the story along nicely and keeping us wanting to hear more. It works to help grab your attention to make us want to see where the conversation ends up going.

Final ThoughtsThe Monk and Samurai is a beautiful short story, told in a fable style.

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