The Marker (2017) Movie Review

The Marker – Redemption 101

The Marker Poster

Director: Justin Edgar

Writer: Justin Edgar (Screenplay)

Cast: Frederick Schmidt, Ana Ularu, John Hannah, Struan Rodger, Lara Peaker, Ian Sharp, Cathy Tyson, Andrew Shim

Plot: Noir thriller about a criminal seeking redemption by tracking down the daughter of the woman he killed. Along the way he is haunted by his guilt in the guise of the woman’s ghost.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Marker starts on the latest job, small time thief Marley (Schmidt) kills an Ana (Ularu). Seeing him locked up for manslaughter, haunted by her in prison.

Released from prison, Marley wants to apology to Ana’s daughter Cristina (Peake). Using his former boss Brendan (Hannah) for information. Seeking his chance for redemption for his mistake.

Thoughts on The Marker

Characters & Performances

Marley is a thief working for the Doyle’s. Killing a woman by accident, leading him down a redemption path. Marley wants to make up for his mistake, protecting the daughter of the woman. The same daughter that has been sucked into the criminal world. Marley knows he messed up, showing remorse for the crime he committed. Devoting his life to protecting the daughter from the same fate.

Ana gets killed protecting her daughter. Haunting Marley. Seeing the remorse for the crime he committed. Visiting him in his time of need, knowing he wants to protect her daughter from the same fate.

Brendan and Jimmy Doyle are the criminals that Marley worked for. Respecting that he did the time without squealing on them. Offering him a chance to get back on his feet once he is released, showing the ruthless nature they possess.

Frederick Schmidt is the lead, giving us the remorseful performance. Showing the pain he has been through. John Hannah and Struan Rodgers bring the gentleman crime characters to life.


The story follows Marley a man searching for redemption for the crime he committed. Haunted by his actions, something he lives with everyday of his life. He must protect the daughter of his victim after the crime bosses he worked for want to kill her too.

Like, many other redemption stories,. Following a lower-level criminal looking to do the right thing. Showing how them making amends for the mistake. Nothing seems to get re-invented in this story, having shown us this before. The length of the film helps keep the focus on Marley. It would have been nice to see the bigger crime organisation at work.


The Marker is a crime thriller focusing on the remorse for the crime committed. Taking us into the criminal underworld in England. Seeing the how gangs operating. Cleaning up their mistakes, making their team do anything they want. Marley will need to navigate this world to make up for his mistake.

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Final Thoughts The Marker is typical by the book redemption in a crime world movie.

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