The Man in Room 6 (2022) Movie Review


The Man in Room 6 – Movie Review

Director: Trevor Juenger

Writer: Trevor Juenger (Screenplay)


Plot: Carrie is a socially-troubled young woman trying to mend a strained relationship with her mother. After her grandfather dies in a nursing home, Carrie finds herself attracted to William, an elderly man in a neighboring room. William’s doctor offers Carrie a part-time position with the nursing home to keep tabs on the old man. William shares a series of tall tales from his life as a younger man. He claims to be immortal, cursed to never die, but to grow old and sick. Before he can finish his final tale, William mysteriously disappears, and Carrie is implicated in his murder.

Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Man in Room 6 starts when Carrie (Kelly) builds a friendship with her Grandfather’s roommate William (Oberst Jr). He tells her tales about his life and his encounter with a mermaid. An encounter that led to him reaching his current age.

When William disappears, Carrie is questioned about what happened to him. His immortality claim could be the one thing that is keeping him alive, while Carrie must prove she is innocent and hear about the final tale.

Verdict on The Man in Room 6

The Man in Room 6 is a horror mystery following the relationship between an elderly man and his roommate’s granddaughter. It sees the two connect over stories from his life, each one dives deeper into the mystery of why he is in the condition he is in. All while leading up to him wanting one more adventure despite believing he is immortal.

This movie does have an enormous runtime for the story it is telling. It doesn’t help that we have a couple of distinctly different stories going on. Ones that feel like a fresher start to the bigger picture with the William character. When everything comes together, it all feels like a creepy horror movie with disturbing moments going on throughout.

Final Thoughts The Man in Room 6 is an overly long disturbing horror movie.

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