The Karma Effect (2020) Movie Review

The Karma Effect – Smart Crime Tale

The Karma Effect Poster

Director: Jimmy Dasaint

Writer: Jimmy Dasaint (Screenplay)

Starring: Bobby Rand, Nacirema Ledom, Edward Ferguson, Tiona Brown, Markee Djordan, Lauren Mack, Cathy Dance

Plot: One man’s journey to find the man responsible for his sister’s death.

Tagline – Sometimes our enemies are the ones we love

Runtime: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Karma Effect starts as Manny (Ferguson) looks to go about his day of taking dealings off the book around Philadelphia. Wanting to make sure his girl Nikki (Ledom) is safe at home while he is on job.

When Karma (Rand) arrives at Nikki’s home. He forces Manny into getting his money, holding Nikki hostage until he does. Which will see Manny needing to run around town looking to collect favours.

Thoughts on The Karma Effect

Characters & Performances – Manny is a wheeler and dealer around town that holds people up for the money they owe, but doesn’t become violent when they don’t. he finds himself needing to collect money to pay off a mysterious visitor holding his girlfriend hostage, using his connection to make it happen. Edward Ferguson brings us an everyday man that fits in as the family man and the connection around town.

Nikki is the girlfriend that finds herself being held hostage. Wanting to know why and making sure she stays alive. Nacirema Ledom does well in her role, which isn’t just a victim in distress.

Karma is the man that is holding Nikki hostage demanding money. He has his motive for being here and it will become clear as the story unfolds. Bobby Rand gives the calming performance needed for being in control of what is happening.

StoryThe story here follows a man who must spend the day tracking down money to pay off a man that is holding his girlfriend hostage for an unknown reason, using all his connection to get this done. This is a story that plays out like you would imagine for the most part, seeing the connections coming in good for the money, while having a big mystery about why the person wants the money in the first place. Where this story truly stands out is with the final act reveal, which will make you think back to every single interaction we have seen earlier in the film. The story does have a bigger message behind everything and is based on a true story too.

The Karma Effect is a crime thriller that gets turned on it’s head in the final act which makes you want to re-watch each interaction.

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