The Good Doctor (2011)

logoDirector: Lance Daly

Writer: John Enbom (Screenplay)

Starring: Orlando Bloom, Riley Keough, Taraji P. Henson, Rob Morrow, Michael Pena, Troy Garity, Molly Price, Wade Williams


Story: Doctor Martin Blake (Bloom) is in his first year of residency for a life dream he has worked so hard for. Martin starts feeling under respect by his fellow Doctors, with his head Doctor Waylans (Morrow) questioning his motives for this profession, Nurse Theresa (Henson) questioning his hand writing and failing to follow his instructions.

All this changes when 18 year old patient Diane Nixon (Keough) comes into the hospital he gets some much need self-esteem boost. After Diane starts to get better, Martin scared of losing her in his life starts playing around with her medication keeping her sick. How much damage can this move do to Martin’s career?


Verdict: Haunting portray of how a Doctor can manipulate a patient for their own gain.

Story: The story is very powerful, showing how far one Doctor will go and how much he will play with a young girl’s life for a twisted fantasy. It also shows how working on a case that keeps everyone guessing can bring a unit of Doctors closer. It also shows the consequences one man’s actions can have one everyone involved. (9/10)

Actor Review: Orlando Bloom – His character is genuine on the outside but on the inside he creates a chilling relationship with his patient boarding obsession. Orlando makes one of his best performances of his career to date, being involved in every scene he has to be able to carry a film and he proves he really can do it here. Star Performance Award, Favourite Character Award (10/10)


Actor Review: Riley Keough – Playing a young patient that takes a shine of sorts to her Doctor but we never know is it admiration or an over ruling attraction. Doesn’t have much to work with, spending most of the film in a hospital bed. (8/10)


Actor Review: Taraji P Henson – Starts of being hostile towards Martin but once sees him in brighter light learns to respect him. Good supporting role has to play a more mediocre character to not stand out showing how real hospitals would be working. (9/10)


Actor Review: Rob Morrow – Good leader for Martin shows how not to just judge a decision before growing to respect Martin and even stand up for him. Another good supporting performance, showing how real hospitals would be working. (9/10)

Actor Review: Michael Pena – His character provides most of the comic relief early on before turning into a much dark role. He pushes Martin into wondering how his almost slacking technique got him a position as an orderly. Pena is good in the role showing a range of laid back slacker before calmly turning into dark black mailer. (9/10)


Director Review: Lance Daly – Creates a haunting atmosphere through the film. (9/10)

Thriller: Good thriller that builds slowly but to a level that creates enough tension throughout. (9/10)

Music/Sound: Simple taps of keys create haunting surrounding sound before dead silence in the background of each scene through the whole film. (10/10)

Settings: Set in the hospital best place for a Doctor really, the hospital created comes off as a real hospital unlike most hospital based films. The setting adds a lot to the story created. (9/10)

Suggestion: If you have patience this is a really good film it does take some time getting going but once it starts it is good. Don’t expect too much action as the story is very character development based. If you want something that will really test morals this is for you (Give It A Go)


Best Part: Bloom’s performance is brilliant.

Worst Part: Sudden ending.

Overall: Haunting look at the medical profession

Rating 84%

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