The Ghosts of Monday (2022) Frightfest Movie Review


The Ghosts of Monday – Movie Review

Director: Francesco Cinquemani

Writer: Francesco Cinquemani, Andy Edwards, Barry Keating, Mark Thompson-Ashworth (Screenplay)

Writer: Loris Curci (Story)


Plot: THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY tells the chilling story of a group of US filmmakers who travel to Cyprus to film a documentary in the tragically famous Hotel Gula – a once popular resort where more than 100 people died in mysterious circumstances. What begins as just another day at the office will eventually turn into a terrifying journey into the unknown.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Ghosts of Monday starts as showrunner Eric (Huberman) and his team head to Cyprus. Eric is running a show with host Bruce (Sands) explores the great mysteries of the world. The Hotel Gula is the location for the latest mystery, a location that saw 100 people die mysteriously.

As the show starts being filmed, Eric’s wife Sofia (Rossett) starts having visions from her past. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew starts noticing unexplainable events around the hotel.

Verdict on The Ghosts of Monday


Eric is a showrunner for the new show. He has put together the team and knows this is his best chance to make it in the industry. When things start spiralling out of control, he must step up to save his crew and wife.

Bruce is the host of the show, he is a showman who knows what the audience wants to see, believing they need to add something to the show. He gets what he wants, or he leaves the show, being the most important member of the crew.

Sofia is Eric’s wife and one of the lone survivors of the incident that saw the deaths. She has returned to searching for answers, which she comes from her memories.

The supporting characters include the different members of the crew, who use their specialist skills to uncover more of the mystery.


Mark Huberman is strong in the leading role, as a character who knows this is his big chance. Showing the compromises, he needs to make to complete the job. Julian Sands is always strong in the overly posh figure who looks down on everyone else. The supporting cast is strong too, where everyone gets to play their roles well.


The story follows a TV crew that is preparing to film a new paranormal investigation show about the mystery around a hotel. As the crew set up, unexplainable events start happening around the hotel.

In this story we get does uses the concept of having a TV crew getting caught up in a bigger mystery. This feels like many movies we have seen before, getting the introduction done well. The turn is how the events escalate for the crew.

It might take a while to get into the thick of the horrors but once it does, it is relentless with what we are put through. Leaving us shocked by what happens to the crew along the way.


The Ghosts of Monday is a horror mystery thriller which uses the TV crew getting into more than they expected while investigating a mystery. The luxury hotel makes for an excellent setting with the history of the hotel being like ‘The Shining’. When it comes to horror, we seem to go through a host of different sub-genres, which keeps us guessing about what will happen next.

Final Thoughts The Ghosts of Monday is a tense mystery that will leave you shocked by the end.

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