The Fifth Element (1997)


Director: Luc Besson

Writer: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen (Screenplay) Luc Besson (Story)

Starring: Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich, Chris Tucker, Luke Perry


Plot: In a futuristic world cab driver Korben Dallas (Willis) becomes a pawn in a war between the good force of Father Vito Cornelius (Holm) and evil force Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Oldman) who are both after an ancient powerful weapon Leeloo (Jovovich). The battle goes on through the Solar System and with 48 hours to save the world from total destruction Korben has to go back into the armed forces to save the world.


Verdict: Sci-fi in the 90s at its best

Story: Even though the ‘protection’ storyline has been done numerous times this one adds the whole space side to the story. One of the smartest parts of the story is that Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman characters never met or are never aware of each other. With have multiply people after Leeloo leading use to keep guessing which unit will turn up next to take her and an end of the world element with Earth’s impending destruction by something only known as pure evil. (9/10)


Actor Review: Bruce Willis – Korben an ex-fighter pilot currently making a living as a cab driver when Leeloo drops in on him his old life starts calling him back. This is one of Bruce’s best action roles in the 90s with the only real contender better being Die Hard. (9/10)


Actor Review: Gary Oldman – Zorg an evil arms dealer who is after the rocks and Leeloo for someone only known as Shadow, he is very sneaky but does meet his match when he thinks he has out smarted others. Oldman as a villain is always good and this one is one that you will remember. (8/10)

Actor Review: Ian Holm – Father Vito the latest in the run of priest that keep the secrets of the fifth element and is one of the only people who know how to protect Earth from the evil heading for it. In what is a good role it becomes slightly too light hearted that serious nature it calls for. (7/10)


Actor Review: Milla Jovovich – Leeloo or the fifth element that everyone is after, a quick learner but very excitable. Good performance which has led to her getting more roles to show off more fighting abilities. (8/10)


Director Review: Luc Besson – Following up Leon Luc gives us one of the best action sci-fis in recent years. (9/10)


Action: Plenty of action with the flying car chases fight scenes and fire fights. (9/10)

Adventure: Good aspects of adventure but not as much as should be involved. (8/10)

Sci-Fi: Brilliant sci-fi used with different types of aliens, light speed travel and futuristic world. (10/10)

Special Effects: Great special effects for the time, but slightly dated now. (9/10)

Believability: (0/10)

Chances of Tears: (0/10)

Settings: Each setting used is brilliant be it Korben’s apartment to the cruise liner on another planet. (9/10)


Suggestion: I think everyone should have watched this one once, it offers enough for the casual viewer to enjoy. (Watch)


Best Part: Leeloo kicking arse.

Worst Part: Luke Perry’s over nervous priest in training.

Action Scene Of The Film: Fight scene on the cruise liner.

Kill Of The Film: Zorg.

Funniest Scene: A moment in the Leeloo fight.

Oscar Chances: Got nominated for one Oscar.

Chances of Sequel: No


Overall: Sci-fi action masterpiece



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