The Devil Comes at Night (2023) Movie Review

The Devil Comes at Night – Movie Review

Devil Comes at Night

Director: Scott Leaver

Writer: Ryan Allen, Adrienne Kress, Scott Leaver (Screenplay)


Plot: A washed up boxer searching for his inheritance must fight for his life when he is trapped in his deceased father’s farmhouse by a local cannibal cult.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Devil Comes at Night starts when Ben (Allen) looks to collect on his inheritance left by his estranged father. He gets to meet the neighbours including Mason (Martorino) but discovers Amy (Kress) hiding in the home.

It doesn’t take long before Ben finds himself getting drawn out by the residents of the town. They want him for a reason, but he remains safe inside the home. Can the two survive the night and figure out what the residents want from Ben?

Verdict on The Devil Comes at Night

The Devil Comes at Night is a horror thriller following two strangers that find themselves coming under attack from the rest of the town. It sees them trying to understand the change in the locals and learning about the past connections in the house.

This movie gets to use the idea of one night being the main timeframe for the movie. We have the constant discovery of secrets between the two, as the threats outside increase. There is a menacing presence created in the tension throughout the movie. This will keep you guessing and does have good shock moments. However, it could have had a more rounded conclusion because of how things unfolded.

Final Thoughts The Devil Comes at Night has plenty of suspense and tension waiting to come to life.

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