The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 (2022) Movie Review

The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 – Movie Review

The Dead Girl in Apartment 03

Director: Kurtis Spieler (The Devil’s Well)

Writer: Kurtis Spieler (Screenplay)


  • Adrienne King (Friday the 13th)
  • Michael Schantz
  • Laura Dooling (Mr Mercedes)
  • Bryan Manley Davis
  • Frank Wihbey

Plot: After finding her roommate dead under mysterious circumstances, a young woman is haunted inside her apartment.

Runtime: 1 Hour 12 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 starts as a young woman, Laura (Dooling) starts hearing scratching from her roommate’s room. Discovering her dead body inside. Detectives Richards (King) and Miller (Wihbey) start looking into the case, but the body offers no clues to what happened.

Laura has nowhere else to go, turning to her ex-boyfriend Christian (Davis) for conversation and to steady her nerves. Only for the night becomes more terrifying as she starts to believe something strange is happening in the apartment.

Verdict on The Dead Girl in Apartment 03


Laura is the young woman who discovers her roommate dead. Shocked, she starts to try to process, although she has nobody around her for help. She continues to hear the scratching around the apartment, searching for answers, experiencing nightmares along the way. This character can show how vulnerable someone can be after an unexpected death if they are alone in a city.

Detectives Richards and Miller are the partners that are investigating the death. They are at different levels of experience, which shows from the stories Richards gives Miller.

Christian is the ex-boyfriend that Laura turns to for help, she needs him to talk to through the night. He will help and starts to learn the shocking truth about what happened in the apartment.


Laura Dooling takes the leading role in this movie. She brings the terror her character has been through well, showing the signs of the trauma of the event and unexplained playing on the mind.

In the supporting cast, we have horror icon Adrienne King who, like the rest of the supporting cast does everything right, without getting as much screen time as Dooling.


The story follows a young woman trying to get through the first night after her roommate is found dead. This doesn’t go as easily as she would like, as she finds herself haunted by something she can’t explain.

The story brings together two subjects well. The first is the trauma of finding a dead body in an apartment and dealing with the first night after. Secondly, the supernatural side to the unexplained. It feels like a lot of the atmosphere from ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’, whereas nothing should be supernatural, but the feeling is always there.

The story will keep you on edge, as you are left to wonder where it will all end up going. It feels more refreshing for a horror movie that we get this build-up to pay off very well.


The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 is a horror thriller that uses the apartment setting to show how alone the woman is. Despite having the option to leave, it leaves her with a dread feeling about what could be there. Rather than a full-blown horror experience. It is also a horror that lets us see more than the character, which adds a different level of fear because we don’t know what could happen to the woman.

Where to Watch: The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 premieres on August 9 on digital platforms and on special edition Blu-ray and DVD on November 22 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Final ThoughtsThe Dead Girl in Apartment 03 is a tense horror, that is always waiting to burst into terror.

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