The Crown – Season Four – Episode 5 – Fagan

The Crown – Season Four – Episode 5 – Fagan

Plot: As Thatcher’s policies create rising unemployment, a desperate man breaks into the palace, where he finds Elizabeth’s bedroom and awakens her for a talk.

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Fagan starts as Michael Fagan (Tom Brooke) has visited Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) to have an audience with the Queen, nonviolent visit, with the country in a state of panic about how easily a stranger got into the palace. We move back in time as we see how Michael has been struggling with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s (Gillian Anderson) dealing with the nation, with her ideas of change not helping the unemployment levels, something Michael became a victim off. We get to see how Michael was stuck in a circle with little hope, where the people of power in his area failed to help him and even encouraged him to visit the Queen, something he does, showing how easily he got into the palace, for a conversation the Queen hasn’t had in years.

Thoughts on The Crown – Season Four – Episode 5 – Fagan

Thoughts – Fagan takes a very different approach, showing us how one everyday person in this era was suffering from the new ideas of the country, forced into taking a drastic step to get his message across. Tom Brooke is amazing in this role, bring the common man to life, with his performance, where the conversation with the Queen, is what the audience is waiting for, knowing hit will be the most important sequence in the whole episode, with the panic of trying to cover the palace during the break in being a tension affair. This episode might not have as much going on when it comes to the royal family outside of the Queen, we do get to see how people are going to react to a major incident in the palace.

Final Thoughts Fagan is one of the more unique episodes, one you could watch outside of the series that is anchored by Tom Brooke brilliant performance. 5/5

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