The Cove (2009)

logoDirector: Louie Psihoyos

Writer: Mark Monroe (Writer)

Starring: Richard O’Barry, Louie Psihoyos


Plot: Richard O’Barry was the man who captured and trained the dolphins for the television show Flipper. O’Barry’s view of cetaceans in captivity changed from that experience when as the last straw he saw that one of the dolphins playing Flipper – her name being Kathy – basically committed suicide in his arms because of the stress of being in captivity. Since that time, he has become one of the leading advocates against cetaceans in captivity and for the preservation of cetaceans in the wild. O’Barry and filmmaker Louie Psihoyos go about trying to expose one of what they see as they most cruel acts against wild dolphins in the world in Taiji, Japan, where dolphins are routinely corralled, either to be sold alive to aquariums and marine parks, or slaughtered for meat. The primary secluded cove where this activity is taking place is heavily guarded. O’Barry and Psihoyos are well known as enemies by the authorities in Taiji, the authorities who will use whatever tactic to expel the two from Japan forever. O’Barry, Psihoyos and their team covertly try to film as a document of conclusive evidence this cruel behaviour. They employ among others Hollywood cameraman and deep sea free divers. They also highlight what is considered the dangerous consumption of dolphin meat (due to its high concentration of mercury) which is often sold not as dolphin meat, and the Japanese government’s methodical buying off of poorer third world nations for their support of Japan’s whaling industry, that support most specifically at the International Whaling Commission.


Verdict: The Campaign starts here


Story: Watching how one man is trying to create a movement to change how another country treats another species on this planet. We learn how other people have tried and failed as well as seeing how other people were not aware of the happens. We see the team created to make sure they footage is obtained that will change everyone’s thinking and how we need to be part of the change and stop turning our heads away. These sort of things need to stop and we are the ones that need to make it happen. (10/10)


Stars Reviews


Richard O’Barry: I am not going to look at how he performs in the film but I am going to look at how he has created a movement that will help change people’s views on goings on. Richard shows us that we need to help stop these things happening for no reason and stop wanting to use animals for entertainment and disposing of the unwanted ones. (10/10)


Director Review: Louie Psihoyos – Puts together a documentary film to be a complete thriller of how the team got into the cove to show what is going on. (10/10)


Documentary: Brilliant documentary. (10/10)

Settings: The Cove looks like something we would all see, but when the waters run red you will get a tear in your eyes. (10/10)

Suggestion: Just watch this and support it. (Watch)


Best Part: The final campaign Richard does.

Worst Part: The slaughter is very hard to watch.

Believability: It is horrendous that this is true. (10/10)

Chances of Tears: Watching the slaughter you will have a few. (7/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: During the start of credit you get scenes of the dolphins.


Oscar Chances: Won an Oscar for Best Documentary.

Box Office: $1,162,422

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

Tagline: Shallow Water, Deep Secret.


Overall: Brilliant

Rating 94

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