The Confirmation (2016) Movie Review

The Confirmation is a by the book father son bonding movie.

The Confirmation Poster

Director: Bob Nelson

Writer: Bob Nelson (Screenplay)

Starring: Clive Owen, Maria Bello, Jaeden Martell, Stephen Tobolosky, Tim Blake Nelson, Patrick Gilmore, Robert Forster, Patton Oswalt, Matthew Modine

Plot: A divorced father and his eight-year-old son are about to spend a somewhat predictable weekend together, nevertheless, when a valuable toolbox gets stolen, the search for the thieves will soon turn into a true family bonding.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Confirmation starts when divorced father Walt (Owen) takes his son Anthony (Martell) for a weekend. While his ex-wife Bonnie (Bello) goes on a weekend trip. When Walt’s toolkit is stolen, he will end up taking his son on a journey to find the person who stole the tools.

The weekend will show how Walt’s life has started to spiral out of control. While building a bond between the two for the first time in years.

Thoughts on The Confirmation

The Confirmation is a comedy adventure that will see an unlikely bonding session between father and son. One like they haven’t had since the parents split up. The Confirmation will give us a friendship the boy hasn’t had in his current home. With the stricter rules, letting out a wilder side.

The story will show the more selfish side of the father who is trying to fix himself, but isn’t as there as he could be. The connection between the two does have important life lessons, but isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. The performances are strong in the movie, with Clive Owen and Jaeden Martell working very well as father and son.

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