The Cojones Virus (2022) Movie Review


The Cojones Virus – Movie Review

Director: Evan Jacobs

Writer: Mike Hartsfield, Evan Jacobs (Screenplay)


  • Mike Hartsfield
  • Michael Forsberg

Plot: Chad gets bit by a rare bug and soon realizes he’s caught THE COJONES VIRUS.

Runtime: 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Cojones Virus starts when Chad (Hartsfield) gets bitten by a fly. Not thinking too much of it, he continues about his day before being violently ill. Chad finds himself dealing with another side effect, his testicles start growing to an abnormal size. He starts panicking before learning to live with them, as the virus starts to spread across the country.

Verdict on The Cojones Virus

The Cojones Virus is a horror comedy following a man that gets infected by a new virus. It follows him trying to deal with his testicles growing to an abnormal size. This follows him trying to go about his day and the virus continues to spread.

The movie gets to bring us the more modern trashy cinema movie. It knows that it has a target audience and uses the concept of travelling to keep the cast down to one. The comedy comes from seeing how Chad deals with the situation, discussing the problem with them along the way. This is one that is for a select audience that will get great enjoyment out of the movie.

Final Thoughts The Cojones Virus is a welcome addition to the trash cinema collection.

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