The Coffee Table (2023) Movie Review

The Coffee Table – (La mesita del comedor) Movie Review 

Coffee Table

Director: Caye Casas

Writer: Cristina Borobia, Caye Casas (Screenplay)


 Plot: Jesus and Maria are a couple going through a difficult time in their relationship. Nevertheless, they have just become parents. To shape their new life, they decide to buy a new coffee table. A decision that will change their existence.  

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes  

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review 

Story: The Coffee Table starts when Jesus (Pareja) and Maria (Santos) welcome a new baby to their lives. They decide to celebrate the new birth with a new coffee table with a unique look for their apartment. However, after an unexpected event, their lives are turned upside down.  

Verdict on The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table is a horror comedy that follows new parents that purchase a unique-looking coffee table. However, after an unexpected event, they find their lives turned upside down.

This is a movie that keeps you wondering how the aftermath will unfold. It keeps plenty under wraps and by doing this we get put in a stressful tension riddled situation. This ends up becoming one of the most suspenseful movies you will ever see. The performances carry this movie that relies on the character’s knowledge to create different reactions.

Final Thoughts The Coffee Table is one of the most stressful movies you will ever see.

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