The Change-Up (2011)

Director: David Dobkin

Writer: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Starring: Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin, Gregory Itzin

 Story Mitch (Reynolds) is a serial slacker who wants to be an actor and series of one night stands. Mitch best friend Dave (Bateman) is married to Jamie (Mann) and has three children a serious career that will lead to his future. One night the two of them go out drinking leading them to a fountain in the middle of the night when nature calls, while doing their business in the fountin they both say ‘i wish i had your life’.

 The next morning they find out they have switch bodies and try to locate the fountain which has since been dug up. Mitch and Dave now both have to deal with each other lives for a week. Dave can get away with things he normally wouldn’t while married and career oriented while Mitch now has to accept responsibilities. Can the two learn from their change in life to make themselves have more in their lives in the future, this body swapping comedy will tell you all

 Verdict Body swapping comedies have been done before but this one is one of the first in a while that delivers laughs and a general good story. Reynolds and Bateman characters are cast wonderfully playing perfectly to both their strengths in comedy. The friendship between Mitch and Dave is an example of how things change so much when people grow up and change interests and priorities in life. All comedy fans should like this movie and i would say it is the comedy film of the year so far.

Story Mark 9/10 Good story of growing and learning seeing things from different prospective

Chemistry Mark 9/10 The chemistry between Mitch and Dave works well with each joke coming of like their really are long term friends who have taken different paths

Comedy Mark 9/10 Good laughs even if all pretty generic.

Star Performances Jason Bateman is great at playing the controlled life Mitch but gets to show a looser side while trying to keep everything serious

Ryan Reynolds role reminds me a lot of his days in two guys and a girl, getting through life but never really committing to anything great viewing .

Best Part While trying to explain to Jamie what is going on Mitch knows more of the answers about Jamie than Dave

Worst Part Been done before

 Best Quote Mitch – ‘ The type of dance i like involves a pole and a girl with daddy issues’

 My rating 90% 

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