The Cell 2 (2009)

logoDirector: Tim Iacofano

Writer: Lawrence Silverstein, Alex Barder, Erik Klein, Rob Rinow (Screenplay) Lawrence Silverstein, Alex Barder (Story)

Starring: Tessie Santiago, Chris Bruno, Frank Whaley, Bart Johnson, Michael Flynn, Amee Walden, Charles Halford


Plot: The Cusp is a serial killer who kills his victims and then brings them back to life; over and over again; until they beg to die! Maya is a psychic investigator who gained her powers after a 1 year coma after she was the Cusp’s first victim! Now the Cusp Killer is back and Maya has little time to do what she has never done before, go into the mind of a killer unprotected, and save his latest victim.


Verdict: Straight to DVD for a Reason


Story: We have a psychic who is haunted by her past with a serial killer who gets another chance to go up against the same man after he re-emerges a year after their last meeting. This is the basics of the story and what happens.

The serial killer himself the Cusp is actually an interesting creation until they tell you who he is within the first twenty minutes. The rest of the story is such a waste because we have a car chase with the Cusp and they can clearly see in the windows and never see who he is. Whenever the so called FBI are investigating we only get two people looking into anything. We also get the stuck wondering how the FBI or Police haven’t figured out who the killer is. We really do end up never getting led in any direction and there are no questions on who the killer might be. All of the clever idea created from the first film is lost and we are left with a serial killer mystery film without any punch. (3/10)


Actor Review


Tessie Santiago: Maya our psychic investigator who has a connection with the killer, but after she gets too close a girl gets killed and she leaves her role. Now the killer is back and she must go back after him before he kills his latest victim. Compared to Jennifer Lopez’s performance this is plain and almost boring performance that you won’t care or remember anything about her. (2/10)


Chris Bruno: Harris local Sheriff whose niece is the latest victim of the killer but he also gets framed as the killer, he must team up with Maya to find out the truth before it is too late. Outsmarts all the FBI guys looking for him, well with just about four people looking for him. He does ok in a film where the performances are not the highlights. (5/10)


Frank Whaley: Duncan a cop helping trying to uncover what is happening while stating certain lines that make you scream ‘its him its him’. Doesn’t get a chance to give his character any mystery and once exposed seems to fall apart after being very calculated. (5/10)


Bart Johnson: Skylar FBI agent who seems to not get on with Maya and spends the film trying to chase down Harris instead of investigating anything else. He does well to make you hate him. (6/10)


Supporting Cast: A FBI boss, victims and other local law enforcement make up the support cast. Each helps a little bit filling in blanks but in the end none of them make an impact. (5/10)


Director Review: Tim Iacofano – Has taken an idea and ruined it with this thriller with no thrills and horror with little to no horror and a sci-fi with terrible effects. (2/10)


Horror: Apart from the killers kills and revives there is no horror here. (3/10)

Sci-Fi: The sci-fi side of the story has taken a huge step back. (3/10)

Thriller: Has no thrilling side about it at all. (1/10)

Settings: The settings don’t seem to be made use of at all even though the isolation for the victims should be. (3/10)
Special Effects
: The special effects just don’t come off well at all here with most being terrible CGI. (2/10)

Suggestion: This is one to miss, it takes an above average thriller and tries to cash in with a terrible story, terrible acting and terrible effects. (Avoid)


Best Part: The Cusp

Worst Part: The story

Believability: The killer itself could be real, but the rest won’t be. (3/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: Has scenes on how the stunts were done.


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Tagline: In the mind of a mad man.


Overall: Unnecessary Sequel

Rating 25


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