The Bad Guys (2022) Movie Review


The Bad Guys – Movie Review

Director: Pierre Perifel

Writer: Etan Cohen (Screenplay)

Writer: Aaron Blabey (Book)

Cast (Voice Talents)

Plot: To avoid prison, a gang of notorious animal criminals pretend to seek being rehabilitated, only for their leader to secretly find that he genuinely wants to change his ways.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Bad Guys starts as we meet the gang of notorious animal criminals, Wolf, Snake, Tarantula, Shark and Piranha. They have havoc for years through their actions, leading to them getting caught. A celebrity guinea pig Professor Marmalade offers the city a chance to turn them good.

As Wolf starts to enjoy the good side of life, he gets conflicted with his action. Wolf must convince the rest of the game a chance to be welcomed to the world until they learn their part in the plan.

Verdict on The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys follows a group of animals seen as criminals in the city, who get a chance at redemption. They get to see what life would be like if they were on the right side of the law and must decide if they want to stay on it.

This is an animated movie that does give the young audience plenty of enjoyment. It has colourful characters while trying to send the message about accepting people for who they are, despite them being animals. We get wild action scenes that get to play into slapstick only animation can achieve. It has laughs and ends up being an enjoyable movie for the audience.

Final Thoughts The Bad Guys is an entertaining animated movie.

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