The Alphabet Movie Meme Challenge

An A-Z look at films From The Drama Llama

Anticipating Movie of 2014


Interstellar You Christopher Nolan at the helm you know you are going to get something special the question is how special will it be for us? But this could easily be any of the sci-fi heavy year for films.

Book Adaptation I’d Love To See


Star Wars – Death Troopers As this was the only book I managed to finish last year the idea is good and you could add some spice back to the franchise with Han Solo and Chewy taking on Zombies.

Celebrity I’d Most Like To Meet


Stephen King He Is one if not the best writer in the last century, His mind would be so interesting to talk to and just to see his process would be incredible.

Dream DirectorActor Pairing


Christopher Nolan – Bruce Willis The best entertaining director who can still keep the story together without just going gun-ho and an actor who proved with Sixth Sense he can be great without using action to get there as well he needs a director to bring his career back on track instead of pay check films.

Essential Classic Film


Duck Soup – This is one of my favourite comedy films ever made, It is funnier than most new films and the jokes still feel fresh now.

Favourite Film Franchise


George Romero’s of The Dead Series – Each film ends up having a social message and even though the latest additions haven’t been the best they are very enjoyable.

Genre I Watch The Most


Probably Horror – I would say horror as when I can’t find something to watch I end up seeing how bad the film on the horror channel is.

Hidden Gem


I can’t pick just one so I will go with three for very different reasons.

One Week – A drama about a guy who gets diagnosed with cancer and takes one last week before treatment starts to travel across Canada.

 Deep Rising – From Stephen Sommers this is a fun film that I never heard off until I had watched it, very good sit back and enjoy film.

 Parasomnia – A twisted horror tale that stars Jeffrey Combs and challenges reality very well.

Important Moment in My Film Life


Seeing The Goonies and Back to the Future for the first time also seeing Jurassic Park when I was about 6 in the cinema.

Just Right for A Rainy Day


Armageddon – Good enjoyable film that will pass the time and keep you fully occupied at the same time.

Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy


The Goonies – The sense of adventure in this film reminds me so much of growing up and I get offended when people who are younger than me haven’t seen it.

Location I’d Most Like To Visit


The Dark City From Dark City just to see how unusual it feels ti be in.

Marathons I Watched


Friday The 13th – I have watched all in a weekend once just to see if the kill count was correct in Jason X

Netflix Movie I Actually Watched


Don’t Use Netflix

One Movie I Saw In Theaters More Than Once

Never seen one twice

Preferred Place To Watch A Movie

(Cinema or at home)

Home – I don’t like people talking through a film or making noises.

Quote that Inspires Me


‘You’ve Got the makings of greatness in you kid’.  From Treasure Planet

Remakes (Friend or Foe?)


Depends – I don’t mind seeing a re-imagination like Halloween or Star Trek, I also don’t mind a remake of a bad or average film like My Bloody Valentine or Maniac, but I hate remakes of classics like The Thing or Evil Dead.

Snack I Enjoy Most


Dark Chocolate

Thrilling Movie That Blows My Mind


Looper – It has some major plot holes but it really tests the mind when you think about something and realise something else.

Unapologetic Fanperson For


Joseph Gordon Levitt – Ever since I saw Brick I have seen every film this guy has made and can’t help but have incredible amount of respect for this guy for all his HITRECord work.

Very Excited For Award Show Season?


Yes – I love seeing what wins the awards it usually annoys me as I usually prefer a different film but still have to watch it.

Wish I Never Watched…


Shaun Of The Dead – I hated it and I don’t understand why everyone else loves it.

XXX Movie I First Watched At A Young Age
(R or NC-17!)


Scream – I think it was this, my parents would never let me watch the real horror films or Halloween or Friday the 13th level to start with.

Your latest movie-related obsession

Y 2 

Following break through stars early work and trying to find a star I can watch their first work when it was new and be able to follow their whole career. The main ones I have so far are Dwayne Johnson which I first saw as a wrestler before becoming the actor, and the newest addition to my list is the Twisted Twins directors



Spiderman 2 – This film again everyone loves and I just found dull and boring. An easy one to catch a few zzz watching.


  1. Interstellar seems like a great film and ohmygod, Stephen King. I love, love, love his books, and most work so well as films too! Amazing.

  2. Thank you for participating in my movie meme! I’d love to see Nolan with Willis; Looper reminds me of something that they could do together. That’s such a great pairing! Dark City would be such an interesting place to visit but only during the day time; so my identity wouldn’t be changed at night and I couldn’t figure out how to leave! 🙂

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