That’s What I Am (2011)

Director: Michael Pavone
Writer: Michael Pavone
Starring: Ed Harris, Chase Ellison, Molly Parker, Daniel Roebuck, Randy Orton, Dabiel Velsky, Alexander Walters, Mia Rose Frampton, Amy Madigan

Story This is a coming of age tale set in the 60s of Andy Nichol (Chase Ellison). Andy is 13years old average kid at school avoided by the bullies and on talking terms with the geeks. In the class with his favourite teacher Mr Simon (Ed Harris) Andy is teamed up with the kid who takes the most bully but just ignores it all Big G better known as Stanley (Alexander Walters).

Andy must learn to stand up for himself when he starts to slip down the so called popularity chart working wit Stanley. Andy also has the hots for Mary Clear (Mia Rose Frampton) can he overcome his shyness to get the girl and become the new it guy at school. Mr Simon being the best teacher around can’t stand the bully these kids do. One of the bullies starts a rumour leading the the Principal (Amy Madigan) in a hard place, Can Mr Simon reputation as a teacher save him? Can Andy learn his life lesson?

Verdict This is a brilliant coming of age tale using the idea that you should always treat everyone the same no matter if they are different to you. The range of characters comes over well even if they are slightly cliched. This would come over very well for all American viewers but over here in England the story may not come over as well. Ed Harris gives an amazing performance as the inspiring teacher, While Alexander Walters in his debut film does an excellent job as Big G. Coming of age fans this is a must watch but it our technology driven world the school times are very different now.

Best quote Mr Simon ‘ Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace’

Favourite character Big G/ Stanley conducts himself so well like nothing will effect him what every people say or think of him.

Stand out performance Ed Harris brilliant teaching the life lesson to all the characters however old or young they are

Best moment Big G talent contest moment

Worst Moment The Parents reactions to the Mr Simon rumour

My Rating 84%

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