Tales from the Murder Room (2018) Movie Review

Tales from the Murder Room – Movie Review

Tales from the Murder Room

Director: King Jeff

Writer: King Jeff (Screenplay)


  • King Jeff
  • Brian Lanigan
  • Gorio
  • Charlie Hollins

Plot: Follow Louisiana homicide detectives as they interview suspects, victims, witnesses and others related to murder in the most original, clever and stylishly unique detective movie to date.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Tales from the Murder Room starts as we dive into three homicide detectives Jerry July (Jeff), Brian Lane (Lanigan) and George Rook (Gorio) investigations. Each investigation sees a different detective needing to piece together the clues to uncover the truth.

As the detectives study the evidence, they communicate to get ideas that could help solve the crimes. Each crime has different potential suspects. The stories are told by a reader, getting the stories from a series of books.

Verdict on Tales from the Murder Room

Tales from the Murder Room are a series of short investigation room discussions. Where we follow different detectives as they look to solve a range of different cases by putting the evidence together to learn the truth.

The idea that we get to see the different crimes being solved with different clues is the staple of an interesting detective story. This is no different, being one that we want to see more unfold from. The way the stories unfold keeps you guessing as to what the big clue behind the truth will end up being too.

Final Thoughts Tales from the Murder Room is a great series of crime stories.

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