Once Upon a Time in a Haunted House (2019) Horror Short

Director: Ramone Menon

Writer: Ramone Menon (Screenplay)

Starring: Daniella Mendoza, Marvin J Edmonds, C.J. Baker, Anna Chavez, Patrick Rutnam

Plot: A desperate illegal immigrant takes a job as the caregiver of a malevolent ghost at a Haunted House.

Tagline – This is No Fairytale

Runtime: 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Creepy Horror Shocker

Story: Once Upon a Time in a Haunted House starts as we follow Dario (Edmonds) going on a date with Raquel (Mendoza), the date is at her apartment, which instantly has a creepy vibe once he enters, it isn’t long before he learns the truth about the date. We have chapters here with which will explain Raquel’s position in this house, the mother figure that lurks in the shadows and just what the plan is the visitors.

Thoughts on Once Upon a Time in a Haunted House

Final Thoughts Being a short horror, it would be unfair to give everything away, so first we must admire the fact this story, it does get told in a reverse style, seeing how each character has found themselves in the position before we get to see the big reveal to what is the evil in the film. Each chapter has a strong build to an incident which relies on the performance reaction from the potential victim, which makes us want to see more, with the chapter when everything is unleashed being the one, we have been waiting for. When it comes to a short film, we can always look at what could be longer and this is one story that could become a feature film, with the mystery having everything we want to see, when it comes to creating a mystery behind the horror we are about to watch. This is a short that makes you want to see more, which is what we want from any short film.

Overall: Horror Short Leaving You Wanting More.