Star Focus – Norman Reedus

Norman Reedusnorman

Trademarks: Sunglasses

Age: 45

Number of Roles: 60

Biggest Role: The Walking Dead

Awards: He won New England Film & Video Festival award for best acting performance for ‘Floating’.

Debut Role: Floating (1997)floating

The Boondock Saints
The Boondock Saints

Early Career: In 1997 Norman got his first acting roles, with drama ‘Floating’, horror film ‘Mimic and comedy ‘Six Ways to Sunday’. With these three films Norman showed he had range and it opened the door to plenty of roles. While he continued to get leading roles in many different roles it wasn’t until 1999 and ‘The Boondock Saints’ where he plays on of the MacManus brothers people started taking notice of him as that film went on to become a cult classic.

master of horror
Masters of Horror

Television Roles:

  • Charmed (2003) 2 Episodes
  • Masters of Horror (2005)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2006)
  • Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
  • The Walking Dead (2010-2015) 65 Episodes

Break Out Role: The Boondock Saints (1999)

Blade 2
Blade 2

2000-2009: Norman continued to have a steady run a films in the start of the noughties with one of the biggest ones being ‘Blade II’. Unlikley many actors Norman only had a couple of television appearances and the chance to work with John Carpenter on his episode of ‘Masters of Horror’ we get to see him enter horror yet again. Norman finished the decade with a continuation of his constant film roles which did include a sequel to ‘Boondock Saints’ and one of my personal avourite films ‘Pandorum’ which has one of the scenes that scares every single Walking Dead fan.

2010 Onwards: in 2010 Norman started to become one of the most liked actors in television when he appeared in ‘The Walking Dead’ as Daryl Dixon who is easily the most popular character in the show. Even with this role he continued to make films and while his popularity continues to grow he has got a couple of bigger films on the way and has become the new face for the ‘Silent Hill’ video games.

Silent Hill Game
Silent Hill Game

Next Big Role: Air

My Favourite Role: Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead, he starts off as his brothers quiet learner, but after his brother is left and disappeared he starts the quest to find him but also to stay loyal to the people who have helped him. He ends up becoming part of the group and a crucial member at that. He helps them track and along with his crossbow he can take out walkers in silence. As the show has continued he has gained popularity that if his character was killed off people would actually quit the show, something that not many supporting characters have ever achieved.

Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon

My Least Favourite Role: Pandorum because it is too short.

Films I Want to See That I Haven’t Seen: Air

Stars They Work With Often: Guillermo Del Torro


  1. Firstly, I had no idea that Norman Reedus was at the mid-point of forty. I thought he was a lot younger. I do have to confess, that prior to watching him on “The Walking Dead,” I was not familiar with any of the rest of his body of work. I almost did watch The Boondock Saints once, but something interrupted me from doing so.

    I used to enjoy, be highly entertained, scared out of my wits, and be repulsed – sometimes all four feelings at once – while watching Masters of Horror, which I was sorry was taken off the air. I remember the episode that Reedus was in, I just didn’t know who he was at the time, as I already mentioned. That particular episode stands out for me, because I remember thinking at its conclusion that John Carpenter was striving for a deeper meaning with the episode than just to scare the viewer. If I ever have an opportunity to speak with him, I intend to ask him several questions regarding that episode.

    Based on your description of the film Pandorum, I am going to have to watch it now. After enticing me with the information that “it scares fans of The Walking Dead,” how can I resist something of that nature, and still consider myself a fan of the horror genre.

    Interesting choice for a blog. I enjoyed reading it and learning more about the man who brings his all to playing the role of Daryl Dixon.

    • Even though i had seen Boondock Saints, Pandorum, Blade 2 and Masters of Horror i didn’t know it was him till i went back and re-watched them.

  2. When I watched Pandorum for the first time earlier this month, I saw him and expected him to be along for the ride till the end or at least halfway through the movie. But alas… he’s gone within 10 minutes or so.

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