Star Focus – Andrew Lincoln

andrewAndrew Lincoln

Age: 41

Number of Roles: 40

Biggest Role: Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead

Debut Role: (TV) – Drop the Dead Donkey (1994)

(Film) Boston Kickout (1995)

Boston Kickout
Boston Kickout

1994 – 2000 Career: Between these years Andrew was trying to make a name for himself. He started off with a small role in an episode of Drop the Dead Donkey, before moving onto a TV movie called N7 and following this he got his first film role in Boston Kickout. Even though he did get a television show ‘This Life’ Andrew continued to have small roles in television and film.

This Life
This Life

Television Roles:

  • Drop the Dead Donkey (94)
  • Bramwell (96)
  • This Life (96-97) 32 Episodes
  • Trevor’s World of Sport (2003)
  • Teachers (2001-2003) 20 Episodes
  • Canterbury Tales (2003)
  • Holby City (2003)
  • No Waste Like Home (2005)
  • Afterlife (2005-2006) 14 Episodes
  • Strike Back (2010) 6 Episodes
  • The Walking Dead (2010 – Still Running) 67 Episodes (So Far)
Love Actually
Love Actually

2000 – 2009: In the early 2000s Andrew started to get supporting roles in small British films ‘Gangster No. 1’, ‘Offending Angels’ and Understanding Jane’. During this time he managed to get a role in much loved comedy drama ‘Teachers’ which ran for 4 seasons, but he only starred in the first two. His first taste in a big film came in 2003 when he got one of the supporting roles in the romantic comedy ‘Love Actually’ with his story being one of the most loved out of all of them, also starring opposite Keira Knightly and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Unfortunately this didn’t open many doors for Andrew and he returned to television with ‘Afterlife’ the rest of the decade didn’t improve for him either.

Break Out Role: The Walking Dead 2010rick grimes

Striker Back
Striker Back

2010 Onwards: When the year hit 2010 Andrew took a chance and appeared in an Italian film, this showed to the people in the industry that he would take chances. This opened the door for a series of ‘Strike Back’ and film ‘Made in Dagenham’. His big break came in the same year when he got cast as Rick Grimes in ‘The Walking Dead’ the show was an overnight sensation and now with the fifth season just returning to television he brings the comic book hero to life.

Next Big Role: With the Walking Dead being so popular and Rick being almost irreplaceable he looks like he has a safe and steady job in the show for now, with nothing else in the works.

My Favourite Role: Rick Grimes

My Least Favourite Role: I have only seen two and like both of them.

Films I Want to See That I Haven’t Seen: Afterlife, Strike Back


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  1. Love him as Rick Grimes – such a great accent too (I’m a sucker for good accents!) I wish he still wore his sheriff outfit though. I know, I know, impractical!

    I must admit I did love him in Teachers as well, that was a really good series at the time.

    Darren it’s Thursday!! 🙂 🙂

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