Something in the Woods (2022) Movie Review

Something in the Woods – Movie Review

Something in the Woods

Director: Alexander T Hwang

Writer: Deanna Gomez (Screenplay)


  • Nicole Cinaglia (Camp Dread)
  • Robbie Dias
  • Vienna Hayden
  • Dakota Jans

Plot: The creature feature tells of two women who battle a frightening monster in the woods

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Something in the Woods starts when reporter Nora (Cinaglia) is planning one of the biggest stories of her career. Carolyn (Hayden) isn’t going to let Nora reveal the story that would expose her father. The pair find themselves walking through the woods when they come under attack from a creature.

Once Nora and Carolyn have been attacked once, they head off in separate directions before taking shelter in a home. The two need t put aside their differences if they are going to make it out of the woods alive.

Verdict on Something in the Woods

Something in the Woods is a horror thriller that sees a woman kidnapped and needing to work with her kidnapper to survive in the woods from a monster.

This is a story that feels a little bit empty and is adapted from a short film. It sadly feels like the short film would have been enough for the creature. The creature design is terrifying and easily the best part of the movie. It will give you nightmares when you get to see what it wants to do. The human characters, on the other hand, are not interesting, they both have selfish plans and it makes zero sense to work together. The location doesn’t feel that deep into the woods either because if this creature was operating in the woods, it would definitely be deeper into them.

Final Thoughts Something in the Woods feels like a missed opportunity to expand the creature frights.

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