Silo (2019) Movie Review

Director: Marshall Burnette

Writer: Jason Williamson (Screenplay)

Starring: Jeremy Holm, Jill Paice, Jack DiFalco, Jim Parrack, Chris Ellis, James DeForest Parker

Plot: Disaster strikes in a small American farm town when teenager Cody Rose becomes the victim of a grain entrapment accident. As corn becomes quicksand inside of a 50-foot tall silo, the town locals must put aside their differences to save Cody from drowning in the crop they harvest. 

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Silo starts as teenager Cody (DiFalco) still recovering from his father’s death has become distant from his mother Valerie (Paice) working on a small grain farm to make money for his ambition to be part of a band.

On the farm dementia-stricken Mr Adler (Ellis) is being cared for by his son Junior (Parrack) believes he is on a normal working day, setting off a chain of events which will see Cody being trapped in the quicksand like grain silo, which will bring the whole town together in a desperate attempt to rescue him.

Thoughts on Silo

Characters & Performances – Cody is the teenager that finds himself trapped in the silo, he is trying to become a heavy metal singer, with his own dreams of being part of a band, he has suffered loss before with his father’s death and has found himself becoming distant to his mother. He might well be the one that becomes trapped, with his position being the thing that will bring more people together. Jack DiFalco is mostly trapped in this role, he does show the panic he is going through, even if he needs his character to remain calm. Valerie is the nurse mother of Cody who has been trying to keep themselves close, but has been in a constant battle and must watch over helplessly as the town tries to save her son. Junior is running the farm while caring for his father who once ran the farm and will continue to try to help around. He is left with guilt after what happens as the added stress on his life is going to continue to get worse. Frank is the former best friend of Cody’s father that is the local that will need to help rescue him, despite Valerie blaming him for her husband’s death. Each character does give us the great creation of the local community that would band together. Every performance is strong throughout the film.

StoryThe story here follows a small farming town that must come together to help rescue a teenager that becomes trapped in a grain silo, in what is a race against time before he drowns in the grain. This is a story that is a mix of awareness of troubles that silos can and have caused throughout the years, it does also show us how a town will come together to save one of their own, no matter what the differences might have been in the past. We have a part of the story, which will show how dementia will be left to family to support, which can cause big problems too, as they can’t give the person all the time they need. Putting everything together, we get a very interesting thriller that will keep us wondering as to what will happen to the helpless victim.

ThemesSilo is a thriller that will keep us in the farm location, as the silo become the centre of the story, showing the dangers within the silo and what could happen to someone trapped in one. The location also helps bring the community feeling to the film, that will show us just how important supporting each other will become. (


Silo is a thriller that shows the importance of community.

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