Sightseers (2012)

logoDirector: Ben Wheatley

Writer: Alice Lowe, Steve Oram (Screenplay)

Starring: Alice Lowe, Steve Oram, Eileen Davies, Tony Way, Monica Dolan, Jonathan Aris,


Plot: Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but events soon conspire against the couple and their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.


Verdict: Offbeat Comedy Horror


Story: We follow a couple going on their first holiday around the English countryside. While the days go past they get caught up in acting on a killing instinct. Before long they find themselves enjoying their new detour of their holiday and go on to kill people.

How often do you meet someone and take an instant dislike and want to get rid of them? This offers a chance to see what people do when they can. The holiday itself comes off very much like a real holiday people would have in England and the build of a short term relationship between the couple shows how things can change after the first couple of months. It all comes off very different and keeps your interest throughout without being anything fancy. (7/10)


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Alice Lowe: Tina going on her first holiday while still living with regret after her family dog was killed. She feels very bogged down by the her mother who keeps blaming her for the dogs death but soon finds a perfect little replacement to take on the journey from one of the victims. Good performance offering up a very real look at a socially awkward person on a holiday. (7/10)


Steve Oram: Chris taking his girlfriend on this trip to help him write a book, but soon his blood lust takes over after accidently killing a man who had made him angry. Good performance keeping both sides separate and looking like he fits in perfectly. (7/10)


Support Cast: Mostly the victims they meet, they try to be nice but when people are not they start having accidents. They all help to make the story a little bit more interesting and offer interaction for our lead couple.


Director Review: Ben Wheatley – Does well to create a different horror comedy without it being too much comedy. (7/10)


Comedy: Quirky comedy used throughout. (6/10)

Horror: The killing spree offers solid horror side to the story. (7/10)

Settings: Each setting is well used to create the accidental death location. (9/10)

Suggestion: I think this will only work for certain people, it won’t appeal to all the horror fans out there. (Try It)


Best Part: One-liners after the kills

Worst Part: Will have to have a particular audience.

Favourite Quote: Chris ‘Tell that to the National Trust’

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

Tagline: Killers have never been this close-knit


Overall: Quirky Horror Comedy

Rating 70


  1. I really like this movie 🙂 great soundtrack too. The Tainted Love intro! I’m a big fan of Ben Wheatley, his movies are all very strange and original. I would highly recommend Kill List and Down Terrace (Kill List especially but it is very violent).

    There was a line in Sightseers that cracked me up – “he’s not a person, he’s a Daily Mail reader” – brilliant!!!!

    All of his movies have an air of sadness about them I think, but only in that ‘real life’ way that none of us can escape. They are also filled with black comedy.

    • i have seen the kill list the twist made it have a very big impact. i wasn’t really sure what genre this was meant to be, as it said horror and for that i felt let down. but for comedy it worked

      • The only thing I didn’t like about Kill List was it was so effing ambiguous! I don’t think I’ve ever watched a film that was more difficult to work out. And I mean working out EVERYTHING. It was so strange! I have found a reasonable conclusion since watching it. I just hate not knowing. Some people don’t care I know, but I’d rather know what the director and writer intended. Check out all of his movies, well worth it, they’re all very different yet similar too.

      • Road Trip lol, i am still learning how to write more in comments, one day i will write more, but when i don’t know a subject well i go very quiet

      • Yes 🙂

        that’s fine, you’re just being yourself. I type loads of nonsense on comments but I don’t have half as much patience or talent for writing the reviews and movie information you write about.

        Do you like the pub quiz machine? 🙂

      • it took time to get to this much, if you see some of the early ones you will see as it started with me doing reviews for a friends site and this being my site in case we got bored.

        when it comes to pub quiz machines my best friend and i are known for actually having a night out off the winnings lol

      • That is brilliant!! I expected you to enjoy a bit of the pub quiz machine (who doesn’t?) but paying for a night out on the winnings is amazing! Next step – Eggheads 🙂

        Well all your hard work is certainly paying off, it never ceases to amaze me how much you post and how dedicated you are.

      • I love The Chase!!!! It’s my favourite quiz show haha, who’s your favourite Chaser? Mine is the Governess but I love all of them. And Bradley Walsh!


        Well you’re going in the right direction and I have no doubt you’ll be doing it full time one day 🙂

      • fingers crossed but in the reality i am still a long way off.

        they all have qualities i think Mark is most entertaining but the sinner man would be easiest to beat

      • Yeah but you’re on the path and that’s more than a lot of people.

        Beast!! I love him 🙂 it’s hard to choose a favourite really, they’re all great. I do love The Chase, I even have the board game!! It made me laugh when I saw your comment about it because everyone knows I’m obsessed!

      • i think it is the only show that tests knowledge.

        somehow i still have another 3 off months reviews written up and planned for next year lol, it has turned into an obsession

      • Yes I love the format of it. Some people prefer Pointless but I prefer the fast paced questions on The Chase. University Challenge is pretty good for testing knowledge, but I literally only get 3 questions right per show (if I’m lucky) The Chase is on more my kind of wavelength lol

        (I don’t even understand the questions on University Challenge, but I do love the show!)

        Sorry for cluttering up your Sightseers post with idle of talk of British quiz shows by the way! 🙂

        I realised how far you planned ahead when you said about your Jonah Hill weekend in December! It’s a really good idea and shows how seriously you take it. I just do little things when I think of something lol, but pre-planning must make it easier to decide on posts and keep your motivation high.

        So what’s your ultimate goal, to have a movie blog with people working for you and stuff? (I’d apply!)


      • Well i used to just post as an when, but i found myself only reviewing films i like, but when i plan i have to watch a mix of films i do or don’t like. it also helps having to try and post at the same time each day. before i might end up writing three reviews one day and post all, but if you have a spread of the work you get more daily posts which will attract a wider audience.

        the goal would be too become a full time critic, if it means hosting a site would be great, but to have the ability to travel to all the festivals meet the people, interview them (only ever been to a very small one in my town met Emily Booth of horror channel, Damien Thomas from Twins of Evil review coming up soon and Carolyn Monroe former bond girl). i would also like to be able to have a chance to talk films with people potential film it. most people i know get sick of me talking films and this at the moment is my outlet to chat films and hopeful meet more people who just want to chat films

      • It sounds great, you really have a plan and a focus and a goal! You’re very smart at this I think.

        Makes such sense what you said about writing about different sorts of movies and appealing to more people. To make it into a career, a job, you’d really have to do that wouldn’t you.

        At least you’ve met a few film people and been to one film festival! What the ultimate be for you? Something like the Oscars or something like Canne Film Festival?

        Would you ever like to make a movie?

      • Those two would show the success level, but right now i would be happy with Fright Fest lol

        there is always ideas for films but i can’t write that type of idea out, i start but change it too much as i go along. and then come up with another idea

      • Maybe one day we should try together! I’d love to write a film script, I have attempted a few.

        The trick is to plan it in depth before you write it, much like your blog really. Then you know what you’re doing, before you do it. But the process of planning can be boring when you want to get stuck in!

        Fright Fest would suit me!!!! 🙂 🙂

      • lets write a film about frightfest and a murderer picking off the celebrities like there characters in the films lol

        i have been trying to go for years, but the people i know who would go wouldn’t be able to afford it

      • How much money are we talking? Silly money or ‘save up for a while might be able to afford it’?


        I LOVE the idea of that movie!!! Shall we write it?? 🙂 characters in the movie could think it was part of the Fright Fest then realise, holy shit, this is for real!!

        And it would be fun picking stereotyped celebs for the chop!

      • the full access pass is something like 150-200 odd, but you have to remember you need to take into account getting to London and place to stay in London.

        it would be a funny idea but a lot would have to go down to copyright etc

      • Yeah but you could have celebrities that weren’t REAL celebrities but were based on them, if you know what I mean. Like stereotypical characters, people that are egotistical or method actors or the ‘rock and roll guy’ like Colin Farrell ha ha.

        The beautiful woman etc.

        I live just outside London! (Essex!)

        I guess it’s finding people who are willing to pay the money for it. I’d do it 🙂 one day.

      • yeah, i get you create a celebrity. one year i will go but for now i get stuck working, its bit further Dorset for me to get there

      • Yes 🙂 maybe we could do a post on it or something, get some interest.

        P.S I’ll get scared. I LOVE horror movies but they still genuinely scare me!!

      • i have watched so many i know when any scare will happen.

        a group of people who have never met all meeting up at frightfest, interesting idea

      • I think maybe a beer could be necessary ha ha 🙂

        I don’t mind gore or insane killers or monsters really, the only thing that gets to me is the ghosts!!

      • I know the sound you mean! I’m doing it now, you can do it in the back of your throat like a low growl!

        You do know what I mean though don’t you, see we all have a little irrational supernatural fear! 🙂

      • Hmmm I wonder if that will be strictly true!

        Turn off the lights and watch it in the dark, you’ll freak out 🙂 (I am basing this on myself!)

      • I hate people talking or mucking about in the cinema during a scary movie, it REALLY annoys me.

        What is with the jumping and screaming you don’t like, the same kind of reasons?

      • i don’t understand want screaming will do, i might have a jump here or there, but i don’t scream, shout make a noise when it happens. i haven’t been to cinema in so long, i need a real cinema buddy lol i hate people talking through films or making noise in general. always said if i become rich i will have my own cinema but one of those luxury cinemas

      • Yeah I don’t scream, it’s an active choice to do something like that whereas jumping is more natural.

        Sounds good, I hope you get rich one day!!

        Yeah I’m like that, I get really irritated to the point that I can’t always concentrate. I get annoyed with the person making the noise and then I start imagining the retribution that I’m not brave enough to actually carry out (basically saying “excuse me will you be quiet?”)

        Sometimes I think it’s more my problem, maybe I should relax more ha ha.

      • i remember being in cinema one time and i was sat watching the village (see not a scary film at all) and there is one moment where the creature chases the blind girl and i am sat there going to myself, it has paused to make the jump more impactful, and boom there it goes, i am all calm and suddenly these girls screamed and i jumped. afterwards i am thinking how did you scream?

        i haven’t been since i saw hangover 3 an hour and half i will never get back

      • Not a scary film and not a very good film unfortunately! Adrien Brody though ha ha.

        Yeah I know exactly what you mean it’s screaming for screaming’s sake. It’s being silly before anything has even happened, or will happen!

        Haha, I’ve not seen Hangover 3 I don’t think, but I did see the first two. Not a recommendation I assume?!

      • well it was better than the second one lol. i do think the village is a good film, just mis-read. i will always stick up for a film that tries to be original instead of a film that is the same old same old.

      • Okay…challenge for you. The Happening. Will you stick up for that? Creepy plants trying to kill us? 🙂 🙂

        Sorry M. Night Shyamalanananalan I’m not picking on you.

      • I understood the point behind it, John Leguizamo sells any film for me lol. i think it got confused and was meant to be a Natural problem with the world and the world trying to fight back in it’s own twisted away making us kill ourselves because we are killing it.

      • Yeah I know that. It still sucked!!! Ha ha. And you know I love Wahlberg 🙂

        I’m only being a wind up, I do always try to see the best in things too. I hate movie snobbery and if I enjoy something, I enjoy it. Simple as that!

        I just found it funny when they showed the trees quivering, as though they were actually watching everyone and about to attack lol.

        But you’re right and it is original. Far better than many, many tripey movies they bring out every summer (courtesy of Michael Bay!!!) Sorry had to say that.

      • you will understand more about what i like when you see my top 5 actors list. it was like the opposite of Pulse. i always praise low budget films too that is why my favourite has less than a million dollar budget

      • Snap! Have you seen Dead Man’s Shoes? That’s my favourite movie 🙂 I don’t know what the budget was, but can’t be much. It was an early Shane Meadows movie.

        I love low budget too and I’m not just saying it to agree, I really do. The STORY is the best thing in any really memorable movie and that costs nothing.

        (what’s your favourite movie?)

        Can’t wait to see your top 5 actors!! You’ve seen mine not fair lol 🙂

      • i reviewed Dead Man’s Shoes last friday lol. my favourite is Brick, lets see if you know it before i go into details.

      • Oh I did know that already actually – Brick, I can’t remember if you told me or if I read it. But I really liked that movie too, The Pin! The dialogue was great, it was hard deciphering at times like the ‘eating lunch’ stuff. It really reminded me of an old school detective movie, do you know what I mean? A real murder mystery. Yes I have it on DVD actually 🙂

        What did you think of Dead Man’s Shoes?!!! Is the review up??? I haven’t seen it?

      • yeah should be posted friday watch early summer.

        good glad you know Brick, Rian Johnson is one of my favourite directors and hopefully you have see his over two films (brothers Bloom and Looper) great cast and that foot race so haunting. and i love the arguement scene where he goes ‘your the only thing i care about’ such a powerful scene with real emotion shown

      • I will watch out for it. Please tell me if you at least liked it though? 🙂

        I didn’t know the director was Rian Johnson actually, but I do know the film fairly well, I’ve seen it two or three times I’d imagine.

        I do really like it, so original and like I say the dialogue was nuts, never seen anything like that really.

        Right, I will reply again soon, I’m just leaving work now!


      • Definitely what about email? As we have each others details?

        Sorry I misread your other comment I didn’t think you had posted Dead Man’s Shoes yet but I will check it out now!!! 🙂

        P.S I’m home now lol

      • Definitely 🙂 any Netflix recommendations?

        I guess we should switch to email soon ha ha 🙂 email me some recommendations?

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