Shadows (2020) Movie Review

Shadows – Movie Review


Director: Carlo Lavagna

Writer: Damiano Brue, Fabio Mollo, Vanessa Picciarelli (Screenplay)


Plot: Alma and Alex, two adolescent sisters, are survivors of a catastrophic event. They live deep in the woods with their Mother, a strict, over-protective woman who has sheltered them from ominous presences, the Shadows, which live in the daylight and infest the world beyond the river, a border for Alma and Alex. When they follow Mother, out for hunting, Alma and Alex start a series of events which will make them discover the truth about the Shadows and their own reality.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Shadows starts as we meet two adolescent sisters Alma (Threapleton) and Alex (Petticrew). They live with their Mother (Reeves) in an isolated location after a catastrophic event. As the girls start wanting to learn more about the outside, they discover their mother is preventing them.

When the sisters start getting curious, they become separated as they question whether their Mother does know best. Wondering if there is a bigger threat outside of their home, their safety and is it worth risking.

Verdict on Shadows

Shadows is a mystery thriller that follows two sisters as they become curious about the world, they live in. they have been raised to believe the world has been mostly destroyed but they aren’t allowed to go outside. It builds up the mystery about what is real or not as it creates a story that could go either way.

This is a story that flows along really well. Creating a mystery that we have seen before in a survivalist concept. It is one that works well and this one going in a different direction than you could ever imagine.

Everything in the movie gives us a genuinely uncomfortable situation going on. While hiding the truth about what the event was outside of the walls. The performances in the movie are great as the younger two stars get to make an impact on everything going on.

Final Thoughts Shadows is a tense uncomfortable mystery thriller.

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