Sewer Gators (2022) Movie Review

Sewer Gators is a low budget late night horror treat.

Sewer Gators Poster

Director: Paul Dale

Writer: Paul Dale (Screenplay)

Starring: Manon Pages, Austin Naulty, Kenny Bellau, Sophia Brazda, Paul Dale, Charles Early, Sean Phelan

Plot: When killer alligators unleash chaos on a from the sewers of a small Louisiana town, it’s up to a local sheriff, an alligator expert, and an old gator hunter to kill the beasts.

Runtime: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Sewer Gators starts as the locals of a small Louisiana town find themselves coming under attack by alligators, coming up through their plumbing systems. With the upcoming Gator festival. The Mayor Bobby (Phelan) doesn’t want to let the town close down before the festival.

Laura Andrews (Pages) leads the hunt for the alligators. Using her expertise to identify any of the gators they find, as the suspects they have been searching for.

Thoughts on Sewer Gators

Sewer Gators is a low budget creature feature styled horror movie that will use the concepts of Jaws. With a busy festival about to happen, an animal in this case alligator attack happening and the mayor refusing to close down. Causing more problems than it is worth. This will play into the budget with ease, playing things completely over-the-top. Keeping the gators hidden from the audience for most of the film.

We might not get the most believable horror, but the comedy side of things will help improve the overall movie, letting the laughs cover up the lack of suspense. The performances will play into everything well with Manon Pages bring the most grounded character to this world.


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