Seal of Desire (2022) Movie Review

Seal of Desire – Movie Review – Steamy Drama Show Love Changes Everything

Seal of Desire Poster

Director: Markiss McFadden

Writer: Markiss McFadden (Screenplay)

Starring: Markiss McFadden, Ravyn Collier, Jackie Moore, Brittney Ayona Clemons, Jeff Willy, Dorothy Mannine, Holly Reichert, Mark Justice, Hans Marrero

Plot: An attractive psychologist who specializes in couples therapy uses his intuitive skills to expose cheating spouses and seduce their heart-broken wives. But the player becomes a pawn when he meets a woman capable of beating him at his own game and the lines between love and trust, passion and obsession become blurred.

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Seal of Desire starts as we meet psychologist Malcolm King (McFadden). He uses his ability to read people to take advantage of women who have cheating of their spouses. Believing he is helping them regain their self-esteem.

At night Malcolm becomes the Messiah, a man that collects evidence in a violent way to expose the cheaters. Knowing he will be there when they need him, until he meets another woman Veronica Wilson (Collier). Who has been doing the exposing her own way.

Thoughts on Seal of Desire

Characters & Performances

Malcolm King is a marriage psychologist by day, helping every couple that comes through his doors. While checking on any accusations of cheating by night, becoming the Messiah. A figure known to expose cheaters to their partners. This changes when he meets a woman looking to do the same thing. Leading to Malcolm wanting to treat this woman different to anyone else he has met before.

Veronica Wilson is the woman doing the same thing as Malcolm, who meets the Messiah figure. A man she has been researching for a while, spreading the stories that he has been helping people around the city.

Markiss McFadden in the leading role does great, along with his duties behind the scenes, as writer, director. Rochelle Collier is strong in the opposite leading role, being someone completely different to what Malcolm is used to meeting.


The story follows a psychologist that uses his position to expose cheating partners. Using this to help seduce women around the city. Never looking to settle down, using his alter-ego to create a reputation. This will show his world coming crashing down around him. When he starts getting involved with a woman who will make him think differently about what he wants in life.

This is a story that will look to offer the old consequences for one’s actions discussion, showing us how life can catch up with you when things go wrong. While playing out like a romantic comedy, despite keeping everything played out straight out with the execution of everything.

ThemesSeal of Desire is an erotic romance movie, that will show how one man will use his position get seduce women, until he falls in love, much like many of romance movie out there. It will use the big city area to show how he has been exposing cheats in everyday life, trying to help people find a solution with what to do next.

Final Thoughts Seal of Desire is a steamy romance movie that shows that love changes everything.

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