Scream (2022) Victim List

Scream (2022) The Victim List

Scream VI is about to come to the cinema. Meaning one thing, we have a new Ghostface or Ghostfaces. So, before the movie comes out, it is time to look back through the franchise and try to figure out who the killer is in each individual kill in the movie.

We will be doing this one movie at a time and this will include complete spoilers. Once this is complete, I will be ranking my top 10 favourite Ghostface kills in the franchise.

Scream (2022)


Scream 2022 is the first in the franchise to be directed by someone other than Wes Craven. Ready or Not’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett took up the directing roles. The movie gets to poke fun at remakes and reboots, in the same tone you would imagine any scream movie to do over the years.

Victim – Tara Carpenter’s Attack 
Tara Scream 5

Attack – Tara takes a phone call from a stranger dismissing the caller who wants to talk about horror movies. This leads to her being attacked by Ghostface, despite playing into the original opening of the franchise. While Tara isn’t killed, the attack is used to put a potential suspect on Tara, after seeing the previous attacks happen. I have included this one because it is a violent attack that nobody in the previous movies would have survived.

Attacker – This feels like it is a clear option for Amber because Richie is with Sam a long away. It plays into the idea that modern concepts of video recording being an option and the quickly dismissed idea that the phone was cloned never get investigated more.

Victim – Vince
Vince Scream 5

Kill – Vince is one of the group’s older summer fling, after a short altercation in the bar he finds himself outside the bar. He finds himself blinded by his own headlights, as the killer picks him off in the car park.

Killer – Amber, is with the group and Richie is in the hospital with Sam and Tara. The fact the kill is quick helps show a small figure could have done the attack too. As Ghostface doesn’t get involved in a violent attack.

Victim – Sheriff Judy Hicks 
Judy Scream 5

Kill – Sheriff Judy is running an errand for family time with her son. She receives a call from Ghostface saying they are about to kill her son. This sees her rushing home only getting attacked in daylight outside her home.

Killer – Richie, I am picking Richie because he saw Judy tell Sam to leave, which would have gone against the bigger plan he and Amber had set up.

Victim – Wes   
Wes Scream 5

Kill – Wes is Judy’s son, he is preparing for dinner as his mother is killed. He finds the door wide open believing his mum has returned already. However, it was Ghostface preparing to get the quick kill on their next victim.

Killer – Richie, the kills happen at the same time, it would make the most sense if it was the same killer. The killer seems to want to watch their victim die, which I believe dives into his own twisted desire.

Victim – Dewey
Dewey Scream 5

Kill – Dewey has just saved Tara & Richie from the latest Ghostface attack. He has overpowered Ghostface and after getting everyone else to safety, he returns to Ghostface to finish the job. However, Ghostface isn’t dead like he predicts and a minor distraction leads to Dewey becoming the latest victim.

Killer – Amber, this one isn’t even difficult to guess, Richie is there and more than likely killed the cop watching over Tara. However, this is off-screen, making it hard to truly judge. On the other hand, Amber is the only one not unmasked during the attack. It also hints heavily that she was behind the first attack, using words like promising to finish the job this time.

Final Kill Count: 4 Under the Mask 6 Without Ghostface counting

From the kills under the mask, I can only see it being 2 each on kills, with a surprisingly low number of kills in this movie. We have one off-camera, which could easily have been unmasked or masked, it is impossible to tell. Once the mask is off, we get an additional one from Amber.  When it comes to just the attacks, they are all clearly Amber too. The only other character killed is Liv, who is killed by Amber as she exposes herself as the killer. This is strange to look at, as we lose two legacy characters, a random guy and only one of the friend group. It shows a weakness in the killers in this movie who don’t seem to want to have a big body count.

Killer Amber – 2

Killer Richie – 2

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