Satan’s Slaves Communion (2022) Movie Review

Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion – Movie Review

Satan's Slaves Communion

Director: Joko Anwar (Impetigore)

Writer: Joko Anwar (Screenplay)


  • Tara Basro
  • Endy Arfian
  • Nasar Annuz
  • Bront Palarae
  • Ratu Felisha

Plot: When the heavy storm hits, it wasn’t the storm that a family should fear but the people and non-human entities who are out for them

Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion starts as Rini (Basro) and her younger siblings Toni (Arfian) and Bondi (Annuz) move to a new block of flats. They are hoping to start a fresh life after what happened to them before.

Seeing a new life with plenty of people around them, they believe they will be safe. Only tragedy continues to follow them after an accident in the building leads to many deaths. Now the family must come together once again to fight back against the evil that has continued to follow them.

Verdict on Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion

Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion is a horror mystery sequel from Indonesia. It reunites the surviving members of the first film as they look to start a new life. Only for them to find the terror has continued to follow them and target the residents of their new building.

Joko Anwar continues his disturbing journey in horror by once again diving into cultural beliefs to bring horror out of them. He creates some terrifying jump scares, horrifically built-up moments of tension and brutal imagery. This is a horror that will stick with you because of the horrors you are put through. It has a relentless nature that never stops.

Where to Watch: Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion is available on Shudder.

Final ThoughtsSatan’s Slaves 2 Communion is a terrifying horror that keeps the relentless scares coming.

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