Sarah Polley Weekend – The I Inside (2004)

insideDirector: Roland Suso Richter

Writer: Michael Cooney, Timothy Scott Bogart (Screenplay) Michael Cooney (Play ‘Point of Death’)

Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Polley, Piper Perabo, Robert Sean Leonard, Peter Egan, Stephen Lang, Rakie Ayloa, Stephen Graham, Stephen Rea


Plot: An amnesiac discovers himself leaping through time between 2000 and 2002 as his past returns to him.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: What is Real?


Story: The I Inside starts when Simon Cable (Phillippe) wakes up after a near death experience where he gets the shocking news that two years have passed since he last remembers anything, he is now married to Anna (Perabo), his brother Peter (Leonard) is dead and the year is 2002.

After believing someone is trying to kill him Simon wakes up back in 2000 straight after his car accident. Continuing to bounce between the time periods Clair (Polley) comes into his life to make things even more complicated for Simon. Simon must figure out what is happening, did he kill his brother and why nobody else will believe his story.

The I Inside is a film that really does its best to keep us guessing, we find it easy t identify each time period which helps because we have different doctors in each time. The mystery does continue to grow as the film unfolds but sadly in the end we end up getting an ending which does answer the questions but makes everything feel slightly flat.


Actor Review


Ryan Phillippe: Simon Cable is our leading man who gets stuck between two time periods the year 2000 where he has a car accident and 2002 where he ends up back in the hospital. Simon ends up having to figure out what is happening, what happened and why he is stuck in this loop of time between the two years. Ryan gives us a good leading performance where he constantly looks confused which is important for his character.

Sarah Polley: Clair is the lover of the 2000 Simon who keeps showing up but she just so happens to be the fiancée of his brother Peter. Sarah does a solid job but doesn’t get enough screen time for her character.

Piper Perabo: Anna is the new wife of Simon in 2002 that he doesn’t remember from 2000. She is very different when the two are alone were she has a grip over him that he can’t control. Piper gives us a performance in this role which is very different in each time zone.

Robert Sean Leonard: Peter Cable is Simon’s brother, Clair’s fiancée but he is dead and Simon is accused of killing him over a battle for their family’s estate. Robert gives a solid performance but doesn’t get enough screen time.


Support Cast: The I Inside has a supporting that keeps us knowing which time period we are in and which help find the final answer to what is going on.

Director Review: Roland Suso RichterRoland gives us a good mystery about what is happening.


Mystery: The I Inside gives us a mystery about what is happening which leave u wondering what is going on and it is the highlight of the film.

Sci-Fi: The I Inside brings us into the time travel element nicely without it being a full blown impact in the film.

Thriller: The I Inside tries to keep us guessing what is going on.

Settings: The I Inside keeps most of the settings inside the hospital which helps make everything feel more contained for the characters.
Special Effects
: The I Inside doesn’t really have too many special effects but the few it uses work well.

Suggestion: The I Inside is a film to try if you love a time travel mystery, but it won’t go down as one of the best of recent years. (Try It)


Best Part: The Mystery

Worst Part: Supporting characters don’t get enough time.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $8.8 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Tagline: Sometimes it is hard to come back.


Overall: Time travel film that keeps you wondering what is happening next.


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