Sandbox Police – Episode 1

Director: Sharisse Zeroonian

Writer: Sharisse Zeroonian (Screenplay)

Starring: Sharisse Zeroonian, Evan Gabovitch, Amile Zaaf, Stephanie Wang

Plot: Three college graduates continue their college radio show on Zoom in podcast form, Flynn has a unique solution for Charlie to remember not to misplace his phone.

Runtime: 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Fun First Episode

Story: Sandbox Police starts as three friends Charlie, Flynn and Elle have turned to Zoom to continue their show, each episode is cut into sections where we get to hear different stories including a suggestion on how to help Charlie stop losing his phone, and a personal story about life.

Thoughts on Sandbox Police

Final Thoughts Sandbox Police shows the stories that can go through to help each other in life, giving advice and finding themselves getting into trouble with each other. This is only the pilot episode, which is cut into small chapters, we will have to tune in next time to see if Flynn can get herself out of trouble, she found herself in the end of the episode. Where this episode and idea can become relatable, is the fact, we are dealing and have the same conversations during the problems in the world.

Overall: Entertaining Web Series


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