Sacrifice (2020) Movie Review


Sacrifice (2020) Movie Review

Director: Andy Collier, Tor Mian

Writer: Toor Mian (Screenplay) Andy Collier, Paul Kane, Toor Mian (Story)

Starring: Sophie Stevens, Ludovic Hughes, Barbara Crampton, Lukas Loughran, Johanna Adde Dahl

Plot: After his mother’s death, Isaac and his pregnant wife return to his birthplace on a remote Norwegian island to claim on unexpected inheritance. During their visit, the couple discover dark secrets from Isaac’s past. Their pleasant trip quickly turns into a nightmare when Isaac and his wife encounter a sinister cult that worships a sea-dwelling deity.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Sacrifice starts as couple Emma (Stevens) and Isaac (Hughes) return to Isaac’s birth home in Norway for an inheritance. Where they get a mixed welcome until the locals learn who he is related too.

With local police officer Renate Nygard (Crampton) explaining what happened to his father. The couple start to suffer strange visions, ones that are disturbing the couple’s time in the home.

Thoughts on Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a mystery horror that will see the couple end up in an unfamiliar location. Where they start to see the change coming from the connection to the past that Isaac has. This will look to dive into the traditions which might be seen as more outdated within the modern world. Sending our characters down a spiral of the unknown throughout the film.

Sacrifice by name will make it clearer that it was going to be more of cult like movie and that is set up to make us feel uneasy throughout the film. As we are not sure where things will go next in the movie. The Norwegian backdrop for the movie is used excellently to show the creepy side to the movie. Performances in the film are strong enough, while by the end it will end up feeling like a movie that is trying to capture the same elements Midsommar bought us.

Final Thoughts Sacrifice is a tame version of Midsommar.

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