Room 203 (2022) Movie Review ‘Creepy’


Room 203 – Creepy


Director: Ben Jagger

Writer: Ben Jagger, John Poliquin (Screenplay) Nanami Kamon (Novel)

Starring: Francesca Xuereb, Viktoria Vinyarska, Eric Wiegand, Scott Gremillion, Rick LaCour, Sam A Coleman

Plot: Two best friends and roommates are terrified by the vengeful spirits dwelling in their apartment.

Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Room 203 starts when best friends Kim (Xuereb) and Izzy (Vinyarska) move into a perfect looking apartment to start the next stage of their lives, with Kim looking to study journalism, with Izzy looking to become an actress.

The apartment seems to have one big problem, a whole in the room Kim takes, one that seems to have some sort of life of its own, that will create the divide between the two friends, as Kim looks to get the answers to save her friend.

Thoughts on Room 203

Characters & Performances – Kim is a journalism student who goes against her parent’s wishes moving in with Izzy, as she looks to start her own degree, she takes the room with the creepy hole in the wall, one that doesn’t seem to be able to be covered. She will start suffering nightmares, as she starts looking for answers behind the history of the apartment, giving her a chance to finally understand what is means to fight for life. Izzy is the aspiring actress that has been through a traumatic experience in life, she is trying to make it in acting, but her party lifestyle sees her struggling through each day, as well as the past of the apartment starting to make her act strange. When we look at the supporting cast, we meet Ian, a fellow student that helps Kim look into the history of the apartment, as well as being the first romantic interest in college time. Ronan is the creepy landlord living on the same floor, giving the strict warnings to the women. The performances in this film are solid, with Francesca Xuereb in the leading role does well with the investigation side of things.

StoryThe story here follows best friends who move into a new apartment, only to find themselves dealing with strange events around the apartment, leading them to investigate the mystery behind the apartment, hoping to escape the horror haunting them. This is a horror story that will give us a nice mystery to see solved. It will dive into some of the typical horror themes to create the horror, as well as having a built in story that could give natural tension between the two women. It would have been nice to dive even further into the past of the building, as we could have been given a lot more shocking moments here, instead of an awkward research session between Kim and Ian.

ThemesRoom 203 is a horror that does have some creepy moments, with most of the haunting events happening at night, with the friendship between the women being the thing holding them together through the unexplained events, the apartment will add to the creepy vibes the film lets out. We will get a lot of symbolism behind what is unfolding, which will add to different ideas we are going through here.

Final Thoughts Room 203 is a creepy horror, willing to offer up a nice mystery to see solved.

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