Rites Of Spring (2011)

logoDirector: Padraig Reynolds

Writer: Padraig Reynolds (Screenplay)

Starring: AJ Bowen, Anessa Ramsey, Sonny Marinelli, Katherine Randolph, James Bartz, Shanna Forrestall, Andrew Breland, Hannah Bryan


Plot: When two friends Rachel (Ramsey) and Alyssa (Bryan) get kidnapped by a strange man, he starts to prepare them for some form of ritual. Next to this story we have a group of kidnappers Paul (Marinelli) Ben (Bowan) and Amy (Randolph) kidnap a rich man Ryan (Bartz) daughter for a money exchange. Soon these characters all have to join forces to face a creature that likes to take people’s heads.


Verdict: A nice tale with plenty of mystery but not enough conviction

Story: Mixing the stories together it becomes clear that it is some clever story telling but some huge plot hole issues cause me a big question. One such problem is with the man who kidnaps the girls doesn’t secure them well enough even after years of performing the ritual. It is a brave attempt to create different characters who end up joining forces but they never get enough time against the creature. (6/10)


Actor Review: Anessa Ramsey – Rachel, the one that escapes but her guilty feelings cause her problems. Good scream like performance but her over panic for nothing and her under panic for other things confuse the performance. (4/10)


Actor Review: AJ Bowan – Ben his motives for his kidnapping are good and his actions are to make sure it is clean. It is s good calm performance but nothing that really shines. (5/10)


Actor Review: Sonny Marinelli – Paul the leader of the gang has a much darker side than Ben. Good villainous role which leads to most conflict. (6/10)


Director Review: Padraig Reynolds – Good attempt in creating a twisty horror but it never reaches the levels it should do. (6/10)


Horror: Never gets to true jump levels needed for the creature creation. (6/10)

Thriller: Doesn’t build up enough to make anything impact. (5/10)

Special Effects: Some good death scenes created. (7/10)

The Creature
The Creature

Believability: Part of it could be seen as believable following the kidnapping side but the horror side no. (4/10)

Chances of Tears: no (0/10)

Settings: Few different isolated locations which add to horror being created. (7/10)

Suggestion: This is one that only horror fan see but it is only one that should try it isn’t anything special and will soon been forgotten. (Horror Fans Try)


Best Part: The potential of a new horror creature.

Worst Part: It fails to create a new horror creature.

Kill Of The Film: The Creature

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: Maybe but unlikely


Overall: A horror that lacks the fight it should have

Rating 57


  1. Very fair review. I like and own this movie on DVD, but it had so much potential that wasn’t actually enacted. I still enjoy it solely because I love AJ Bowen, and I found the villain/creature to be pretty damn creepy. Once again – love the review!

    • Thanks, i love the group of guys that Bowen is with who try to create original horror and i will praise originality over anything that we seem to get at the cinema

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